I need help choosing!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am very interested in buying a Hudson Moto bag, I'm just not sure whether the regular or the mini size. I am 5'2 in height.

    The things I normally have inside my bag are:
    - iPhone 5S
    - earphones
    - Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer
    - MAC lipstick
    - Perfume rollerball
    - Rayban Aviator sunglasses (case included)
    - Car keys
    - Michael Kors Medium Jet Set travel slim wallet
    - Coach flat card case

    * I attached a picture of the MK wallet for reference

    Thank you for the help, in advance

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  2. The mini one would fit it all, but it would be a very tight squeeze honestly, as the bag is so structured so there is really not much leeway. In the mini, I can fit a Eucerin hand cream, Linea Pelle french wallet, a couple lippies, HTC One phone, Linea Pelle coin pouch, and my car keys with some room to spare. I could squeeze my Nexus 7 inch tablet in as well, but it would stretch out and damage the sides of the bag so I choose not to.

    I've the full size as well and it fits much more, and looks better on me than the mini, but I'm also 5'6".
  3. Thank you very much. I think I'm getting the mini :smile:
  4. I'd go with the mini as well. I tried on the regular size and it looked too big and awkward on me because of the boxy shape (I'm 5' 3"). The mini surprisingly fits a lot though!
  5. I've tried both sizes and I much preferred the look of the mini (I'm 5'5"), but it depends how much of a priority having some extra space is to you. I think all of the things you listed would fit fine in a mini.
  6. I'd choose the Mini as well. I am 5'2" and it looks perfect in size, while I think the regular size will look pretty big at least on my frame.

    The Mini isn't that mini at all. I can fit in it: iphone, LV Zippy, digicam, tissues, occitane handcreme, lipstick, small mirror and there is still space left with that.
  7. Thank you all for your responses! I am definitely getting the mini. Best wishes xxx
  8. Totally fine. For some reason, small RM bags can hold a freakish amount of stuff.
  9. I think so too! I definitely underestimated how much they can really carry! :smile:
  10. I don't think Ray-bans will fit into a Hudson Mini in their hard case. That said, I think the Mini would serve you well other than that.
  11. I have a Hudson mini in rose gold and Ray Ban Aviators. I found that while the Hudson can fit A LOT of stuff..but it's much harder to stuff in as the leather is framed as boxy and the material is harder, not like a mini mac which is soft and can follow shape, the Hudson doesn't. You may be able to fit all of it but it will be harder to close in the front and would look forced. What color and leather are you planning to get btw? :smile:
  12. Hi TaliZB,

    It has been a while since you started this thread, so I'm just wondering how you're liking the bag. You were debating between the full size and the mini size. I'm experiencing a similar dilemma. Does the mini Hudson Moto fit all of your bag essentials?

    Thank you! :flowers: