I need help choosing next pair of UGGS!

  1. So as some of you may already know, I'm an uggs fanatic

    I really love the classic shorts, I have 5 pairs - 1 black, 2 sand, and 2 chestnut (though I've trashed the first pair so badly that it's pretty out of commision at this point). I just ordered a pair of the sundance II in chestnut
    because I wanted a nice winter boot (the classic line has crappy traction) and I'm living in upstate NY for school, so I NEED the traction! I'm thinking of getting a classic tall (http://www.uggaustralia.com/ProductDetails.aspx?gID=w&categoryID=283&productID=5815&model=Classic+Tall), and while my BF insists that chestnut would be best, I want to venture out! Combined me and my BF have 6 pairs of uggs in chestnut!!! At first I was thinking the chocolate, but then I ran into the mink...which I think is a cute color - but then I began thinking what would go with it, etc. I looked at the classic shorts and they have so many more colors - I happen to LOVE the olive - anyone know if it comes in the tall?

    Anyway...seeing what I have and the pair I'm getting, do you think I should go with mink in the tall or chocolate? Also, keep in mind I'm planning on wearing them above my pants, and probably folded over a bit to show the furry, fluffy goodness :drool:


  2. Ooooh! Lovin' the chocolate ones! I have the classic tall and kalie clogs in baby blue. I really want some in the brown colors.
  3. Love the chocolate ones =)
  4. Time to branch out a bit. As for tall Uggs, these Catalinas are my hands down favorite this year.

    I happen to own the shorties Ila Jolla), which I am totally crazy about.
  5. Ooohhhh...the Catalinas are soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!
  6. I think that mink color is great ... really eyecatching but still neutral enough to go with lots of things, I think.

    How's the traction on the Catalinas? They are super cute!!
  7. I loooooooooooooooove the Chocolate ones!!

    I'm contemplating having Bart pick me up a pair of the Chocolate in Classic Short ;)
  8. The chocolate ones!!!
  9. Hey! I am branching out! I bought the sundance today, which are really different than the classic line lol. And I don't own a single pair of classic tall - trust me, I'm very tempted to buy a 6th pair of classic short lol - that's why I'm going for the tall! I really like the mink...*sigh*
  10. Another vote for chocolate. It looks so rich in color.
  11. Chocolate!!
  12. Get Uptown IIs! With the laces wrapped around the back of the boot, they're super cute!
  13. Get the chocolate ones! I love the chocolate color. :smile: I have the Sundance ones you just ordered and LOVE them. They were my first ever pair of Uggs. So comfortable and cute.
  14. Chocolate :love: hands down!