I need help choosing my J12, please see inside

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  1. Hi everyone :smile:
    I am in a BIG dilemma... :smile: I have had the white J12 in 38mm GMT version for a while now. I just purchased the J12 in 33mm with diamond markers also, but I am only going to keep one of them. Can you help me choose?

    I have been loving my 38mm - I have TINY wrists, but I love it is so big and I constantly get compliments, it fits my style perfect! HOWEVER, why I am considering keeping the 33mm instead is because it's lighter (38mm it really heavy I think) and I love the diamond markers. However, I feel in a way that the 33mm is too girly for me, I like it more ''cool''.
    My 38mm is the GMT version which looks different than the regular 38mm, see pics.

    I took some pics, I really need feedback.. which one should I keep? I would appreciate any input :smile:

    TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE COMPLICATED - should I sell both and get the 38mm with ruby markers instead? :nuts:

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  2. I vote for the 33 with diamonds! It's still looks big on your wrist and makes that big watch statement. Rubies are nice but I think diamonds will match the icy white coolness of the white. Of course tastes and opinions differ but that's my vote! Good luck and let us know what you go with. :smile:
  3. 33mm is look better on your wrist ^^
  4. 33mm with diamond markers w/o a doubt
  5. I think you guys are right.. Just hurt having originally spent $5800 for the GMT 38mm.. it costs more than the one with diamonds!!! but I am wearing the 33mm now and I am falling in love with it. The GMT is very masculine.
  6. Another question - does anyone know if it is possible to get a new box for a J12 - I lost one of them when I moved to the US...
  7. I also love the 33mm on you! I see what you are saying about the size of the 38mm- I also like the larger style-but I think in the long run you will be happier sticking with the 33
  8. I think you should keep the 33mm...
    It looks better on your wrist!
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    I was in a similar dilemma 2 days ago deciding between the 33mm or 38mm white J12.

    I want to make a statement, but also want something classic that lasts. 38mm is more sporty, 33mm more of an understated elegance.

    So I went for the 33mm! It's the white J12 with mother of pearl face and diamond markers. :love:

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  10. I love the 33. It looks better and I don't think the diamonds are too obvious and too girly. They blend in perfectly- thus I prefer those over the rubies!
  11. IT IS JUST SOOO GORGEOUS WITH THE PEARL :smile: Nice choice!
  12. Thanks. It was love at first sight for me! :heart:

    And I feel for white, diamonds markers are definitely nicer than rubies.
  13. I saw the black with rubies in Las Vegas this weekend I fell in love! I always preferred white, but this one stands out. However, a part of me still wants to stick to the white for now.
    Btw - do they even make the white with ruby markers? The SA told me they did not..... but I doubt the combination would be nice anyways...
  14. Haha... and I was wondering if you were referring to some special limited edition only available in the USA.... Coz I certainly did not see any white with ruby markers. (And I imagine it definitely won't be nice.)

    If it is black J12 with rubies, yes... I think it's a beauty.

    Just 2 weeks ago, when I was shopping for a Mont Blanc pen, I was also looking for a black pen with ruby. The combi is so sexy and elegant.
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    i like the 33 with diamonds that you have... or that pearl face is uberspecial. the black with rubies sounds divine but maybe a little dark and dramatic
    for a sunny day if that makes sense. and i have to say i have had a rolex with black face and diamond markers for 9 years now and oftentimes i wish it wasn't black... but i have been too lazy to really do anything about it... i do spend time waffling from time to time though. good luck!