I need help choosing an agenda *puppy eyes*

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  1. I have a GM black MC agenda that I use for my daily calendar, appts, birthdays & such.....

    I want a PM that I can put the credit card sleeves in & use it as a wallet type in my purse. So now, what kind do I want?

    Do I:

    1. Go flashy & do vernis. I do have several vernis pieces in violette & amarante. I love them!
    2. Buy one of the LE Damier or Mono agendas w/ the screen print on them. But then I worry about the screen print not holding up well while being banged around in my purse.
    3. Buy Damier Ebene or Mono & be done w/ it, as these are probably the "safest" choices.
  2. Go flashy & do vernis try Pomme!
  3. I LOVE PM agendas...so much that I have 4 lol

    I say go with flashy vernis or one of the LE. :graucho:

    I have 3 that have the screen print and they are holding up great. My Framboise vernis one just makes me smile...love the vernis..

    I use them as wallets and they are so useful!
  4. You don't seem to need the agenda as much.. you already have a GM for a daily planner and it seems like you just want it for a cute mini wallet.
    Maybe go for the Mono or Damier!
  5. Go flashy & do vernis. I love Amarante. :tup:
  6. Go flashy!
  7. Another vote for Flashy!
  8. amarante/pomme/LE ;)
  9. I like the screen print 'stamp' ones. Second choice is flashy!
  10. Choice 1 - Vernis! So pretttty!
  11. The Patch agendas are so cute!!
    But I'm gonna vote for epi.. I love mine. And the new colors are wonderful and you dont have to worry about them holding up.. ;)
  12. vernis!! i own one and i loveee it
  13. Vernis!
  14. Def. Vernis!! Im about to get one myself in Pomme! It's just so beautiful!
  15. the Vernis! I have the Amarante and it's just so beautiful. It's pretty durable too and won't scratch easily (although mine does have faint ones).

    Since you have Violette and Amarante already, why not get one in Pomme? :graucho: