I need help, can anyone tell me about this bag?

  1. Hi girls,
    I need to know the name of this bag and what the size is.

    How does it compare and what are the differences between the bag in the first picture and the bag in the 2nd? I'm totally confused. The style of the first bag looks much softer and slouchier to me. I'm usually a Balenciaga girl, so I came here for help on Prada, I'm lost.:yes:


  2. The top picture is from last year's Antik Cervo collection. The bottom pic is from this year's collection. This year has lots of bowler style with softer silhouettes. The bottom pic looks like it's still stuffed with tissue. If so, that's why it doesn't look as smooshy. Are these eBay bags? If so PLEASE run them past the Authenticate thread!!
  3. Thank you. The bottom picture was from eBay, but I was contemplating the style in the first picture. Do you know the name of that style? You didn't say what the style was, just that it was from last year.
    The 2nd one was from eBay and it sold right after I posted here to a member that joined the day of this post. :graucho:I never :nogood:ask for bags to be authenticated. It's pointing everyone here in the direction of a bag that you're interested in. I've been here long enough to know that is a HUGE mistake. Even asking a question here is iffy. Funny that bag was listed previously, never sold, seller relisted, auction almost over and the day I post a picture of it here, it sells to someone that just signed up on Ebay.:rolleyes: If it had been the style I wanted I would be miffed, but it wasn't. I think the seller of the bowling said that the one in the first picture is called the east west maybe? That's the one that I want.
  4. yep..she is right.The top one is the most popular Prada ever....THE ANTIC CERVO E/W Satchel......its a TDF bag.
    the bottom is a bowler version made later on.......the E/W is nicer..IMHO!
  5. I also saw that bowler on ebay but the price seemed a little too good to be true and something made me doubt it's authenticity. I have no idea if it's real or not but I love the style. I didnt even know it existed til I saw that auction. I have a black gauffre bowler and the rounded shape is so much prettier to me than the east/west version.
  6. anyone know the price?
  7. i BELEIVE THE e/w FIRST RETAILED at approx 2450 ish
  8. It's definitely one of the Prada F/W collection styles, mlowran. I've seen it in NM.

    But I also had seen that auction before the OP posted the question and I had doubts about the authenticity of the one in the auction myself (they have been faking tha bag lately, too). There's something off about the connection between the top of the bag and the sides.

    I also prefer the rounded silhouette of this years Prada satchels. Much more pleasing to the eye. Must be, I've got my share!! I have the glace "heavy metal" version of this bag and LOVE IT!! :nuts: