I need help .. Calling speedy Damier Ebony owner

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  1. Is the material inside the little compartment in the damier speedy is smooth like something coated inside?

    I don't know how to explain but if you have it, it is smoother from the other part of lining inside? Like something coated?

    and my heat stamp is so light too. I know I bought it originally from LV but I felt a bit worry.

    I own an Azur but it is different.

    I need help,please.

  2. Anyone?
  3. I used to have this bag but cannot remember the lining specifically, but I assure you that if you purchased this item at LV it IS AUTHENTIC.
  4. the speedy has the textile lining (just like the mono, but red) so it isn't the soft alcantra as the trevi or duomo have. so I am sure it is fine! plus you bought it at lv so no worries there.
  5. Are you asking this question b/c you think someone may have returned a fake bag to LV?
  6. YES I know what you mean. In my damier speedy 30 (also purchased from LV), it's like there's a coating on the inside pocket, its not just the red cloth lining. Don't worry, it's totally real!
  7. Thanks so much for your reply !! :yahoo:
  8. i've e damier ebony speedy 25. yup!
  9. me too, damier 30, more like canvas, not like my other bags, quite stiff as well alfie x
  10. back again, i just looked, its like you would get in a wash bag to my thinking alfiex
  11. Thanks a lot girls for all your kindly reply ^^