I need help buying a luggage set

  1. Granted I can spend a thousand dollars on a purse, I can't seem to justify spending as much on a luggage set that's going to be thrown and dragged all over the world....

    I need help choosing a luggage set.. with standing rollable bags.

    One and only thing is that it has to be LIGHT and DURABLE. I ALWAYS used to be 3pounds over the limit with my old costco purchased bag, which was dreadfully heavy~

    What do you guys use to travel??
    Which Brand?
    Any suggestions for me if my budget is under $400?
  2. I always use Samsonite Hardcases, they might be too heavy for you, but the quality is excellent for the price you pay. maybe the soft ones might be good, but I've never used them so I can't judge about their durability as well
  3. Travelpro - both for carry-on and check-in luggage. I travel about 40% of the year and my Travelpro set lives up to the abuse!
  4. Yep, I'd also recommend Samsonite. They're bags are affordable and very durable. But, you always have to pay more to get the nicer bags: i.e., my parents bought a couple huge $100 ones from Costco and they were thrashed after a few trips, while my grandparents, who buy more expensive sets from the Samsonite store, use their bags a lot more and they last a lot longer. Here's a list of Samsonite outlets:


    I personally use a set of Kenneth Cole luggage- only a little more than Samsonite and much more stylish, while still durable. You can score great deals on KC luggage from places like Ross, Marshalls, and even Macy's during big sales, but I got my set from the KC outlet. (The first pic is of my KC set, which I check, and the second pic is of the Samsonite set I never use, as both are of carryon size and I use my Armani duffle for that reason) Sorry for the long post! :shame:
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 006.jpg
  5. I'm already at 35K air miles for the year, and I swear by Tumi bags, who have seen all the abuse that the TSA and baggage handlers could possibly heap on a piece of luggage. I had a strap come a bit loose a while back and Tumi repaired the bag and sent it back to me within two weeks, so they definitely stand by their lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately, they're a bit pricey, but you can get a decent bargain if you shop around.
  6. I and my family travel a lot and use samsonite - I got the sets from their company store and managed to snag a great deal. They usually have some kind of offer going on. They have a great warranty etc.

    Tumi is brilliant though, if you can afford it, go for that!
  7. tumi, tumi, tumi.

    avoid LV...super bad for getting stolen, in my experience.
  8. Samsonite and American Tourister (Samsonite's less expensive brand) are good options. Both go on sale so you can get good prices for them.
  9. Thanks Ladies so much!

    I shall look into all the suggestions.
    Maybe head out to the outlet nearby and checkout some discounted luggages.

    I scoped some web stores and there was a lot of
    Liz Claiborn
    Diane Von Furstenburg
    (I didn't know they made luggage at all!!)
  10. i heard that the DVF luggage was poor quality

    i personally recommend travelpro. mine has outlasted 2 trips all over europe plus random trips within canada and the US

    also, my family has a set of Adrienne Vittadini luggage and carryall. its luscious but we don't use it often
  11. I have a samsonite that has held up extremely well. I've been looking at either more samsonite, or a Kenneth Cole set. They have some good deals on both at TJMaxx right now!
  12. ive used samsonite and delsey as far as i can remember very durable. I dont use the hard shell its too heavy for me i only use the soft ones but they are quite tested and has lasted me years of abuse (still looks good )
  13. I use travel pro. roller. I'm scared of using flashy luggage. My friend used flashy luggage, and she got both check in luggages stolen from her.
  14. Diane Von Furstenburg is very cool luggage.
  15. My SIL wears by DVF -- she travels about 5 days a month and has hers for about 5 years. Right after she bought it, my brother put it in the back of his work pick-up to take her to the airport and they had an accident. The luggage went flying out of the back, skidded across the road and one piece was even run over. Believe it or not, that set still looks good! Ok, the run over piece was kinda ruined though but the others were not!

    I buy Hartmann luggage -- I absolutely LOVE it! Got a great deal a few years ago at TJMaxx and I always check for more Hartmann anytime I am in the stores.