I need help between the two

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    which one!? I first wanted the white leather one becuase i thought i was beautiful but now i'm thinking this is falls collection and i don't really want to wear white (but yeah yeah yeah on "snow white..for winter) but i dunno. The tweed screams fall, but i don't love the patent leather around it. And i don'tknow how i feel about tweed. These are both by michael kors, I work for him so i get 50 off , so they will be like...600$. When I first saw these I thought theywere YSL.
  2. I like the white.
  3. My vote's for the white.
  4. The White One
  5. White!
  6. Another vote for white.
  7. White. It's a clean look, good all year-around, IMO. The tweed looks ... involved.
  8. I think you will tire very quickly with the tweedie one. White vote for me.
  9. White!
  10. Get the white!!
  11. White :smile:
  12. Definitely the WHITE
  13. white
  14. white!
  15. I normally dislike white bags but in this case I LOVE it.