I Need Help ASAP!

  1. So i went to LV today and got a white multicolor wapity and was looking around for a bag to get. anyways i paid for the flat runway mini monogram bag from last year and while i was waiting i saw the multicolor keepall... to make a long story short i ended up getting the multicolor keepall in white instead... but im questioning my purchase (and yes im a guy) but the MC is hott.... sooo u know n e ways if i were to get something else what should i get? i have two carryalls already... black tobago and ouvea... do u think i should get the red tobago too? or should i get a damier geant back pack and something else? i need suggestions!
  2. Hmmm... Well the white MC Keepal. is hott... :biggrin:

    but if you're having doubts... some suggestions:
    Damier Geant: Terre Messager or Pionnier
    Monogram Canvas: Broadway or Pegase 60

    That's all I can think of at the moment...
  3. ponnier... and potentially the carryall in red... i really love the carryall haha
  4. the multicolore is beautiful. some men can pull it off!
  5. wow, hikau, u sure have a crazy LV streak going on, dont u?

    i like the tobago shoe bag (blue or brown) but i think you should get a casual shoulder bag rather than more travel bags....try the damier range like the bastile or olav mm. they look better when you try it on...on the shelves, they look boring but looks better if you actually carry them.

    i thought of getting the pionnier (black) too but somehow the geant range does not grow on me and the more i see poeple carrying the range, i am happy i didnt get it, it's the canvas which somehow looks worn/dirty and unimpressive.

    i like the oueva carryall too....
  6. OMG!!! keep it!!! i love keepall
  7. i have a olav already... haha but i ended up getting the taiga ivan in brown!
  8. the Ivan is WAY better than any Multicolour item - especially if you're male. i've never been a fan of MC. but that's just me... anyhoo, excellent choice, congrats!
  9. rock that multicolor.
  10. I agree .. the IVAN is :yahoo: GREAT choice.
  11. I love the MC keepall. Its totally HOT HOT HOT!!!