I NEED help ASAP!! help me pick before Saturday.


which purse should I get?

  1. keep what I have

  2. horsebit medium signature hobo

  3. charmy medium shoulder bag

  4. charmy medium hobo

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  1. So I had a medium abbey hobo that I never used cuz it was stiff and too small. They let me trade it in and I got this other purse which I don't know the name off but I think it's part of the britt line...........anywho, DH thinks it's ugly. Well as part of the trade in, they said it would be final sale. Well I called the manager and explained the situation and she's really nice and she said I could come in and swap it out. So this is the deal. I like the purse I got but since DH said he didn't, now I have doubts. Also what concerns me about the purse is the fact that the bottom is leather instead of signature, so I'm worried about ruining it. Can you guys help me out, I need to decide which purse to trade it in for ASAP cuz I'll be taking it back on Saturday.

    ALso if you can post pics of you wearing these other purses so I can see how they fit/hang, it would TOTALLY help alot!

    1. horsebit medium signature hobo
    2. charmy medium shoulder bag
    3. charmy medium hobo

    this is the bag I got:
  2. The horsebit hobo has my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super functional and of course, adorable :tup:
  3. i also vote for the horsebit hobo. I have the large one and love it!
  4. horsebit hobo
  5. horsebit. i have one and im in love with it. love love love love love.
  6. Horsebit hobo hands-down!
  7. Another vote for the horsebit
  8. I vote for the horsebit.
  9. horsebit no doubt:tup:
  10. I heard that there are lots of problems with the straps for the horsebit - a friend of mine has it, and so does her friend.
  11. charmy shoulder!

    very very close second is the horsebit.
  12. i'd go for the horsebit hobo.
  13. I would definitely choose the horsebit hobo. What was it that your DH didn't like about the one you brought home? If he doesn't like the bag you are exchanging, he probably won't like the charmy medium hobo either since they look fairly similar. I know we are aware there are clear differences, but most husbands/boyfriends don't! :smile:
  14. Horsebit hobo!
  15. I personally don't see how the base of the bag being leather is a problem. In fact I think it is a plus! :tup: The canvas is much easier to destroy. I like the New Britt you got, but if I had to go the Charmy or horsebit, I would go the Charmy. The horsebit is very popular on the forum, gorgeous bag but I just don't like the way it wears. It's personal preference. :smile: