I need help!!! Any animal owners out there??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am about to go out of my tree with my dog!!! He is a pug, 11 mo. old, male. He has been nuetered.

    Here is the problem, he was trained all well and fine to go outside to do his business. He still had an accident once in a while but not often. We went away for 4 days 2 weeks ago and he stayed with my very good friend. They took him out in morn, afternoon, and night and he did go outside but he also went inside in her kitchen (where she kept him during the day). Now, I have been taking him outside again in the morning and afternoon and night and he WILL NOT GO OUTSIDE!!! He will not go. He will then come in in the morning and go on my kitchen floor!!!! Same thing in the afternoon. I am going crazy with this and I'm starting to get really frustrated with this dog!!!

    Any advice? Anyone deal with this before? Please offer any advice cause I feel like I just wanna choke him sometimes!!! (I would never, of course, I just feel that way)
  2. :roflmfao: Sounds like little puppy is not too happy with his humans. LOL

    This seems to be his way of telling you how unhappy he was when you were gone. I'm sure he'll stop eventually.

  3. I read something that suggested that if the dog goes inside, to point to the mess (don't shove his nose in it or anything), say "no" firmly, then take him outside, even if he doesn't go. I think it's to associate poop with going outside. I've never tried that, though, so I don't know how effective it is.
  4. Traci, I have a pug too and I've always heard they're not the easiest to housebreak, so I feel your pain. Our pug is eight months old and she has good days and bad days. I've never had a dog trained that reverted like that, so I don't know exactly what you should do. You might have to kind of start over with the training, although I wouldn't think it would take very long since he was trained before. Our dog is still watched constantly when she is loose. If we can't watch her, she's outside or in her kennel.

    If you've never heard of it, there's a great, very active pug forum called at pugvillage.com. There are a lot of knowledgeable people there that could help. For housetraining, they always suggest really good treats such as *small* bits of poached chicken. Maybe if you give your guy some really good treats for going outside again, he'll get the idea. Hope this helps.
  5. I think he may just be a little confused from being shifted around. I know that Crate training helps a lot in establishing a good control of your dog and giving it boundaries.
    Whenever we leave we crate our dog Izzy. Keeps her out of trouble and she actually loves to sleep in there.
  6. I am in the middle of puppy training too..NOT EASY!LMAO!
    I crate train and Ripley,my Shiba Inu is now trained after 5 weeks of being here...PM me if you need training tricks..I go to a puppy trainer once a week..LOL..and Ripley needs it BAD..he is a devil.
  7. Thanks guys!! Do you really think he was that unhappy with us for going away?? I was afraid that might happen.

    Tammy- thank you and I will be checking out that website!! I have heard from many people that pugs are very obstenant. And I have tried to coax him with treats and he just looks at us like he's challlenging us.

    We don't crate him and never did. He was paper trained when we got him from the breeder and then trained him to go outside, but yes, it's like he's reverting back to when we first trained him!!

    Well, thanks for the help guys!! I will try these things.
  8. I seriously think that dogs get mad and punish us...cats do too. I've heard horror stories. :smile: LOL

    I always heard the pushing their nose in it too...until I took our dogs to training. The trainer says to NEVER do that. It just tells them to be ashamed of going. You ignore what they did and clean it up and try to watch them for signs that they have to go. Besides, unless you catch them in the ACT they have no idea why you're punishing them. Or at least that's what the trainer said. :smile:
  9. Another tactic I've heard is to start feeding them in the exact spot they've been using as a potty. Animals tend to adhere to the old "don't sh*t where you eat" philosophy.
  10. you took the words right out of my mouth. and you have to catch him in the act of going when he's in the kitchen. tell him, "no!" then take him outside immediately and let him finish. when he is finished, give him lots of praise and petting. he'll get it sooner or later.

    p.s. its important that you don't scold him with alot of words, just "no". then he might think going to the bathroom period is bad. puppies are like babies. they can't always control their bowels/bladders.

    p.s.s. I also have to wonder if your friend was letting him go in the kitchen on newspapers....
  11. I just think you have to be uber patient. I have to silkys, male and female, the male was already housetrained when I got him so he was no problem untill I got her. Every time she would do her buisness on the floor, he would run to the spot and mark it thoroughly with his own :Push: . I practicly spent a week outside in the garden to housebreak them. Every time they peed outside I gave them a treat and praised them. At first I put it in their mouth while they were doing it or as close to as I could and I still do it occationally. You should see how proud they are, lol.
  12. If you are sure it is not a medical condition, your answer is simple:

    You need to re-train him.

    Sooo take out your puppy treats and make sure he drinks a LOT of water before taking him out and stay out there until he does both of his business and give him treats and a lot of praise.
  13. Okay-here's what you do.

    1. Restrict his access to water. I'm not saying to give him water, just give him water in small doses- some in the morning, some in the afternoon & some in the evening. Let him drink is fill & then take him right outside. You'll have to stay outside with him until he pees. If he doesn't ater like 15-bring him inside & stay with him. You can't let him have the run of the house or else he'll pee. Wait 15 minutes-bring him outside again & stay with him until he pees. Repeat.

    When he does pee-praise him like crazy. Seriously-like he discovered cold fussion. Squeal, pet him, give him treats. Dogs respond much better to positive re-enforcement than negative.

    If he gets away from your attention & starts to pee, scoop him up. Dogs will (usually) stop peeing when you pick them up. Take him right outside.

    2. Go to Petsmart or your local pet store. They make cleaning products that will remove the urine smell from the rug/floor. Dogs will continually pee in the same spot because they can smell it there and think "Ohh potty!". The chemicals will remove the smell even for the dog.

    Good luck! Just be patient, he'll go back to his old routine with a little work!
  14. I agree with Jillybean. The stuff from Petsmart is called Nature's Miracle. It is an enzymatic cleaner, and there are others available. I'd consider crate training. Either way, you will have to start with square one, as he is confused right now. If you can't watch him-he goes in the crate. When you take him out of the crate, outside he goes until he goes! Keep this up until he pees outside right away and then he can come inside where you can watch him. When you are gone, or otherwise occupied, he goes in the crate. You can move the crate wherever you want so he's not lonely. I have two dogs, have fostered dozens more, and the crate training works.
  15. I got that cleaning stuff. See the problem is he's 11 mo. old now. He only has to pee like 2-3 times a day now. Not like when he was little it was every two hours!! So, now, he knows that he's going outside to peepee and I do praise him everytime. But, since we've come back from vacation, it's like he doesn't want to be bothered going outside, he just wants to go where he wants when he wants.

    I've tried keeping him outside for an hour at a time, I think he just doesn't have to go as often, that's why it's hard now. He's actually only been going once in the morn. and once after dinner. So, you know he COULD go when I take him out, but that dog will hold it in for a whole hour outside, then go as soon as we take him back in. Ugg!!!!!

    Edited to add: Just to give you an idea of his personality--when we are eating supper at the table, he will stare at us (cause he wants some) and stare with a look that says, if you DON'T give me some of that food, I AM going to pee in here!!!