I need help and advice for...

  1. my new business venture. I have been designing and making jewelry for the past year and now it is time that I name my business. I am having a VERY difficult :sad:time in doing so and the only name I came up with is "Pomegranate";) What do you think about this name for a jewelry business? Do you like it or not and WHY? I would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY appreciate it if you can provide me with suggestions and advice:tup:
  2. anyone?:flowers:
  3. I like it! It's something I would remember.
  4. I don't like it. It doesn't sound like jewelry. Maybe pick something descriptive of the nature of your jewelry. Or something general like Opal or Sapphire...something that makes people think of jewelry.
  5. Ok... I came up with some more names. Please feel free to selct more than one but let me know in what order you like them best.

    • Love Child
    • Cerise
    • Pink Poodle
    • Posh it Up
    • Pink Karat
    • Plum Royale
    • Crème de Violet
    • Pink Couture
    • Fleur Power
    • Pomegranate
    • Marie & Fersen (from the movie Marie Antoinette)
  6. I think all of the names have a certain appeal to them, HOWEVER it's really hard to decide without knowing what kind of jewelry you sell, kwim?! I love Pink Poodle or Marie & Fersen, but thinking about businesses for to names that would go into totally opposite directions :shame:

    Could you maybe post examples of your general style so we can kinda get to know your vibe? :nuts:
  7. ^ agreed with Kittie - showing us pics will help.

    I personally like Marie & Fersen or Creme de Violet although it is difficult to say whether it will really fit.
  8. Marie & Fersen

    I like that name.
  9. I like several of the names you have chosen.

    If you plan to sell online, pick a name that is very easy to spell and is spelled only one way - like Pink Couture.

    The name should also work as a domain name combined with dot com. www.PinkCouture.com is taken so you would have to find another name.

    Even if you find a name you love where the dot com is taken, never settle for a dot net or other suffix. People will remember your name and go straight to the dot com website.

    Also, the name needs to be available as a dba in your state. Check your state's business licensing office for that.

    Good luck!
  10. What kind of jewlery do you make? What's unique about it compared to others?

    What about your first and last name? This would be simple and original. It would also make you stand out as a designer.
  11. I like the name Pink Couture or Pink Karat. Those names are cute. Good luck with your business venture!
  12. Profnot makes a good point, but I do like Pomegranate. I do think it ties into jewelry, especially if you use a lot of reds...
    Marie & Fersen would be my second choice. I am not fond of the other ones, but I do tend to prefer names a little less "girly" (no offense meant).
  13. Ok... since you brought up Pomegranate then how about..

    Pome Bella? (the POME is pronounced Pohh-mayy.. LOL)

    LoL... it's the only thing on my mind right now but I'll post more if I can think of some..
  14. great ideas! I am biased against pomegranate as that was the name of an online biz with a family friend that went belly up. Sorry about that, JMHO.

    I like Posh it up and Pink Couture!!
  15. i like Posh it Up & Pink Karat!

    Good Luck!