I need help (again) please!

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  1. I purchased the Vernice Sfumata hobo from NM and absolutely love it but I am split on whether to keep it or not because for this price I want it to be something I can wear forever. I know that patent is a love/hate with people.I personally love patent and that in itself is timeless. My main concern is the ombré. Though I feel just about anything from Prada is timeless I'd like some feedback. So, will ombré stand the test of time or is it too trendy and thus will look dated within a few years? For viewing pleasure...


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  2. I have this bag, and not sure I would call it a "classic" as I think it is more of a fun bag. What I don't like about it is that is has no slouch (guess b/c of the patent) and that it bulges out under the arm.

    I have yet to carry mine....to me it is not super comfortable. That aside, I would wait for fall bags and not keep this if you are unsure. I like the ombre and love the color, but would not say that this is one of my "classic" Pradas....

    Hope that helps!
  3. I am not sure. I am not a fan of patent so that might be influencing what I think. But, I am not thinking it is a classic, so I am going to vote against it. It will be good to hear the thoughts of the other Prada lovers.
  4. its NOT a classic but i dont think itll go out of style either..I love it.KEEP IT!I am ALWAYS honest in these threads,but this bag will be in style forever cuz its so pretty!
  5. I'm w/ Jill. I LOVE ombre and patent. Is it a classic like a gauffre? No but it's still so lovely!!!!! I wouldn't want to waste $ on something I'm iffy about. Go w/ your gut E.

    Are there any fall Pradas that float your boat?
  6. tough call! i actually almost bought that bag during BG sales. i don't think it's a classic, but i don't think it will go out of style anytime soon... i don't know if this helps at all, but i've been in your situation before and it always takes time to decide.. good luck!!! :biggrin:
  7. I saw this purse IRL and I love it.

    The ombre patent is very pretty and the patent leather is silky. This is a neutral ombre, if I can describe it this way. The colors are very neutral and classic. Not at all loud or trendy.

    I'm still kicking myself for not purchasing the hobo version.
  8. I'm not an expert on bags or anything, but to me patent is a trend and even though it's really lovely, I wouldn't buy it. I guess if I'm spending that kind of money on a bag, I want it to be timeless. I've also heard others comment that the bag feels kind of 'sticky'. If you have any kind of doubts, don't waste your money.
  9. I have a prada patent ombre, & I love it (not this style). BUT...I have always been a HUGE fan of patent since I was a little girl. I also have a leather prada ombre (not patent).

    I do NOT feel that this is a classic, but I don't feel that it's so trendy that you won't wear it for years. I fell madly in love with prada's ombre bags, so I know I will wear it for years. gradient fabric has been around for at least 40 years.

    if you don't feel madly in love with this bag, wait until you find something that makes you feel you can't live without it. that's how I feel about my patent ombre (& my non-patent too).
  10. Hey Jill, Fine of you to jump in and then jump out. Where is the PRADA outlet update/Prada bag update/shopping update?

    Ah sure she's gone again and going to leave us hanging.
  11. Thank you girls for the advice. I decided yesterday to return it, as hard as it was. I absolutely love ombré and patent but I figured at the end of the day,if I am this wishy washy about a $700 dollar bag it's probably a good idea to send it back. Hopefully I will find another ombré bag that I'm in absolute love with.:crybaby:

  12. This post makes me want to cry. LOL. I love patent so much and I love Prada's ombré. I mean,I'd do anything for it. I'm not sure what it was about this bag that I was having such a hard time with. Even when I first opened the box I didn't like it. I think if the finish under the patent wasn't metallic-y,I would have kept it in a heart beat. I'm just not a metallic kind of person and that mixed with the patent and ombré seemed a bit much, even for me.:crybaby:
  13. I totally agree with Jill on whether or not a bag will continue to be in style. I think a beautiful bag can become even more beautiful when you stop seeing the look on others around you!
  14. ^ That is so true. I seriously need to stop looking at this thread because I think I may cry. How sad is that?! Well,atleast my tPF girls understand.
  15. There was one of the smoke gray leather ombre bags (authentic of course) on eBay yesterday. It's the one with the hand carry handles and a messenger strap.

    The one on eBay either like this one at Bluefly or the one from two years ago with the zippers in it. I'll post that one too if you like.