I need help about the Hermes shoulder birkin.

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  1. Hey there everyone,

    I'm new to buying Hermes bags, i was wondering if there is a smaller size for the Hermes shoulder Birkin. I don't even know if its the right name for it but its the one designed by Jean Paul Gautier. As i want the short wide one. haha do you get i'm saying? It's 42cm wide i think? I was wondering if there is one that is not as wide as 42cm ..hope you all get what i am tying to say.
  2. Hi Diorable, there is only ONE size i.e. 42cm.

    It's called the JPG Shoulder Birkin, or Shoulder Birkin for short.:p
  3. I "tried on" a JPG potiron togo with gold hardware this Sunday - I found it extremely heavy! The JPG's lock is much bigger than the "normal" ones, so maybe this is a factor... Also, the bottom of the bag is really wide, which made it uncomfortable for me to put on the shoulder. Although I love the design, I passed...