I need help..about Epi

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  1. Hi everyone..
    My mom told me that she wants a small bag like the poch accessories but in the epi leather..I can't find in on elux..do you guys know if they have something like this or does any one have a picture of it so I know what it looks like? :shrugs:

  2. oohh thanks..do you know if this is the only small shoulder bag in the epi..I just want to make sure that it is what my mom wanted..thanks again!
  3. The smallest will be the Epi Pochette......if she mentioned "looks like a Pochette" this is the only one I can think of.....:shrugs:
  4. That is the only bag I can also think of. It is a nice bag and has come in quite handy for me.
  5. yup i think it's epi pochette accessories...but i have to tell u that it fits almost nothing!!!
  6. How about Honfleur?

    It's not available on elux right now, but if you go to vuitton.com, go under City bags and briefcases and Epi leather, you'll find it.