I need help..30cm vs 35cm

  1. Hi Everyone:
    As I'm sure a few of you ladies know I was recently lucky enough to pick up a Evergrain Ebene Birkin last week. Havent had a chance to use it yet since I have been in down in LA for a July 4th holiday trip. While I was in LA though all I saw were size 35 birkins and since I've been home I've been looking at the 30cm and I am starting to think it looks kinda small. I am a girl who normally loves big bags. Everybag I have bought from Louis Vuitton is usually the GM version. I am 5'5 but I love to wear at least 3 inch heels so I usually look like I am 5'8 when I am out...so I tend to find that I look better carrying bigger bags. So the question is do you ladies think I should sell the 30cm I currently have and trade up to the bigger size 35cm? I was looking at some of the other ladies and their modeling pics of a 40cm....I actually like that size too... haha as you can tell I really do like big bags...;)
  2. cawowyn - Don't be swayed by what other people choose. Many here on the forum had 30cms and love them! And for one who has a 35cm in clemence (my one and only H bag), I can tell you how surprising it is to realize how heavy it is! I'm a big girl and need a larger bag to balance. I am sure you will look smashing in your 30cm and will carry it off beautifully!
  3. well you see i had always planned on getting a 35cm when I first thought about getting a birkin. Getting a 30cm was a bit unexpected since I just walked into the SF store and saw it there....i tried the bag & just couldnt walk away from it. Now I am starting to wonder if I was just too rash in making my decision...since I have always favored big bags... but then again the 30cm is also cute in its own way..I am just worried I will not have enough room to carry my things....aiya..this is a huge diliema
  4. I would keep the 30 and just start keeping your eyes open for a 35. They are so different in size that the overall effect is dramatically different. I carry a 35 and love it (I don't find it too heavy if I don't stuff it) but would probably add a 30 if offered something in the right color/leather.
  5. I second gazoo's advice. I have only 35's and I think I could really pull off a 30 for evenings or "lighter" outings. Unless you think the 30 looks proportionately wrong on you and/or you cannot afford to get both, I would keep it.
  6. I have both sizes and use them for different scenarios. I prefer the dressier leathers in the smaller version and the more everday leathers in the 35. Keep this one and try to score a 35...after you have both, if the 30 doesn't work for you, you could sell then.
    BTW evergrain with ebene = tdf combo!!
  7. Keep it. Definitely. It's your first Birkin, keep it. I tend to like 35's better, but I do love 30 - especially in exotics. But, this is all personal choice. It's true, 35s are more common, but it's not like a 30 is unrecognizable... Carry the bag, see what you think. It's a Birkin, you can sell it for what you paid in a year... I really think it's worth trying out. I happen to like 35s more, and maybe you will too, but don't just guess which one you like better. I'll tell you what, use the bag for the next 2-3 months, I'll buy it at retail! I'm just saying, these bags don't lose value, its worth testing it out...

    I love both sizes, I have bags in both, maybe you will want to have both too and you will kick yourself for selling such a classic if that is what you decide...

    I'm a bit shorter than you, but wear high heels as well (if Louboutin keeps at it, I'm going to be 6' soon!) and I don't use 40's unless I have A LOT to carry. I only have a couple 40s and they rarely get used...
  8. Mine are all 30's and they are perfect in proportion to my height and frame 5'3", 110#) AND big enough inside to carry all my stuff easily. I, too, like to wear heals and this makes me about 5'6" on an average day.

    I think if you can swing it, keep the 30cm and then keep your eyes open for a nice 35cm which you can use more as a tote if you also enjoy large bags. Keep in mind that the larger the bag, the heavier it is (even empty). You need some BICEPS for those 40's!!!!!!!!
  9. I love the 30cm as it is a very versatile size (okay, I'm also miniature ... that's why)! Although proportional to your body the 35cm would also work, but keep in mind that the 35cm is a VERY HEAVY BAG!
  10. thanks for all of your opinions...I would love to be able to get both the 30 and 35...but as we all know Birkins are not exactly cheap. After my first birkin I will have to wait at least 2-3 more years before I can buy another one...I am starting to think I would prefer a 35cm for my first birkin since its something i can use everyday more. I've been looking at other posts and I do agree...I think the 25 & 30 seems to look better in exotic leather. *sigh* if only I could have everything haha...or I should have started my fascination with H years ago before all of these price increases...lol
  11. btw...i will try to post some modeling pics a little later so you guys can give me an opinion about the size on me. thanks :smile:

  12. Great idea! Going back to your previous post, if you truly wish (or know you will wish) you had a 35 as your first Birkin then perhaps that is what you should go for. You could, like others have said, hang on to the 30 until you get the 35, compare, and then sell one. Good luck!
  13. Bizarre!! I thought I posted earlier. I think my internet connection hiccuped. Dang. :confused1:

    It's really too bad you aren't on the east coast, C... I'd have lunch with ya and we could compare. I know we've chatted about sizes before, and I have your exact bag. Just, a little taller in the 35 you're talking about.

    Ebene evergrain 35cm, PH... and I LOVE her, but some major differences are slouchiness - the 35cm won't be quite as structured over time, weight - Ms B is heavy as all get out even when she's dead empty, size - she's quite big even for my frame and I'm 6ft tall with heels.

    That said, everyone likes the bag they will like, despite what anyone else tells them. Find a gal with a 35cm... there are a bunch of TPFers where you live. Go to a lunch and see how they feel.

    And good luck gal. Feel free to PM me if ya ever wanna chat ;)
  14. I think you need to have real experiences with both the 30, 35 and even the 40 to know what you like and would like to handle. How they complement your lifestyle, which is obviously going to be different from everyone else's.

    All my birkins are 30cm's. I tried 35cm and it's too big for me. And recently when I told my manager that I could give 35cm another chance, I had restless nights. And only when I changed my mind to a 30cm again, I felt so relieved!
  15. If I were your height, I must say, I'ld totally go for the 35cm. I'm a real shortie, but if I was a tad taller or wore heels on a daily basis, I would not get a birkin 30. But since I wear flats everyday, I cannot justify a 35 but for some reason, I think its the perfect size birkin (appearance wise anyway)

    Good luck deciding!