I need help-28cm plume

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  1. I laid my hands on the most amazing bag today at Hermes: a 28cm plume in chevre with palladium hardware. I hate buying anything besides a birkin or kelly anymore because if i tire of them or realize i made a shopping error they are so hard to re-sell. This particular bag is so scrumptious and chic I cant stand it.........do you all ever have trouble buying bags that arent the #1 and #2 ........?:confused1:
  2. No because I truly love the bolide and plume!! What color??!! It's a super great bag IMO! Does something about the bag bother you or you feel more comfortable with the better known bags?? I love that the plume and bolide aren't known as much...it's my little secret!!

  3. its not at all that i need to have abirkin on my arm its just that there is a level of confidence that when you buy a birkin or a kelly unless its really teeny or huge or a weird color its so easy to sell. i am a commitment phobe on many levels.........

    it is rose shocking with silver hardware..........TDF:heart:
  4. Sometimes a bolide or a plume in a certain leather or color can take time to come by.

    I use my other non-kelly/birkin bags quite a bit. Often, when I do, the SAs will talk about it, touch it and say that they have never seen such a color/style in their store ever or for years. Now, have I regretted some of my non-kelly/birkin purchases, sure ! But I have also regretted some of my kelly/birkin purchases.;)

  5. I agree: my fave Hermes leather is chevre and it especially hard to come by it in an appealing color
  6. ooh rose shocking!!! Well I buy every bag with the full intention of keep them and generally have sold many...so I do understand your feeling...I guess there's no way around it...I actually prefer the bolide over the birkin for me (although will probably have a birkin again one day) ...and love my plume equally...it's really just what style works for you...plus the cost of the plume generally is less than a kelly/birkin..

  7. actually there is hardly any price difference between the plume and the last birkin i bought! what do you think of rose shocking---------is it a "neutral" pink?
  8. ^^I'm not sure I would call the pinks a neutral lol...however..I had and sold a pink and miss it! I love RS....and in a plume?? TDF.....what is in your current collection and do you love color?? For me, black bags haven't been working and have been sold as I prefer the brights...
  9. I would love to see a pic..rs with ph on a plume is one of the bags I think I want...yumm!!:love:

  10. i have no black bags (i actually need one) purple kelly, green plume elan, turquoise birkin, red birkin. my wardrobe--clothing and shoes are pretty traditional. A lot of black and white and khaki....colored bags work best for me as they are my "accessories"
  11. Then get it lol!!! It has your name on it lol!!! Wow you are a bright bag girl (like me!)

    Clink - someone recently got this very bag and posted a pic...sorry I can't recall but it's beautiful...

  12. what do you all think of this rose shocking verses fuschia or whatever the other pink is called?
  13. This is an old pic of me with my plume. Don't get bored. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    28 bicolor plume white/dark grey [​IMG]
  14. cute! but seriously is rose shocking a mistake?
  15. Hermesaholic, you should definitely go for it! The Plume is such a functional, gorgeous bag and in RS - perfect for summer!