I need hairdressing advice!

  1. nicole1.jpg

    I have really blonde hair, it's platinum, and although it's highlighted it looks like a block colour.

    I'm wanting to go from platinum to a darker blonde such as in the pic of Nicole Richie i've attatched.

    last time i went to the hairdressers i asked for darker blonde and she just added darker highlights. this made no impact on the platinum, and i just looked like i needed my roots doing straight away!

    i'm going to the salon tomorrow with what looks like terrible roots! just wondering if any of you can advise me of what i should ask for, do i need a block colour over all the platinum and then highlights? i'm lost! and i don't want the same as last time! please help!
  2. Well, I'm no stylist, but I DO work at a hair salon and have seen girls come in with hair as you're describing. Even my best friend seems to have this problem at times. I'd say to go for all over color and THEN hilight, as you suggested yourself in your post. I was doing hilights for a while and then switched to a brunette color--I couldn't believe I got hilights all those times to make my hair blonder, the all over color is SO much easier. It will cost you a bit more for both, but I think you'll be happier in the long run.
  3. I think you would want to make sure they use a filler first so it can grab the color and not wash out. Going darker from plat. blond takes some work.
    Good luck.