I need hair opinions too!!

  1. OK sorry for the bad pictures... we've been drinking and those are the only ones that I have that aren't of me with my hair straightened or tied up.

    My hair is really curly right now and I usually tie it up/straighten it... but when I do keep it down i have to tug it a little because it's a little too curly. I wanted to do some coloring to it because my hair color seems so ... dull and not the vibrant color I use to have.

    I want a change! What should I do?! :biggrin:
  2. Sorry, I'm trying to post pictures! ah!

    I hope it works now!
    hair copy.jpg hair.jpg
  3. Well, this isn't a helpful opinion... I love your hair in the second pic-- I don't think you should change it! :p

    You are so super cute!
  4. You look great! I love your hair the way it is :yes: but if you want a change, I think you would look great with some chestnut colored highlights. Your hair looks fantastic curly, so you should keep it that way. :flowers:
  5. ^^ ITA you look fab and deep chestnut highlights would be gorgeous on you. Sorry I'm not much help either, She!
  6. Thanks! :smile: The second pictures is with the back pinned up. It's a little bottom heavy still because it's at a weird length... but the curly isn't bad.

    So colors you think should be a chestnut brown? on the lighter tones or keep it dark? I kind of wanting to brighten it up a little the color is pretty dull :sad:

    Thanks for the compliments tho!:blush:
  7. Warmer shade of chestnut brown..cooler tones may still leave your hair color dull. Warmer will lighten it and keep it looking vibrant, but not brassy. (Unless you get a bad dye job, which I hope you don't!)
  8. Either chestnut highlights, like previous posters said, or even auburn-reddish ones. I think you'd look great! Also, your hair looks quite good curly. I wish mine would curl that way instead of phone wire-like!
  9. you're cute.

    I really like your dark hair on you. I'm horrible with hair color suggestions so I'll let the others help you with that.:p
  10. your hair is beautiful! it looks really shiney and healthy!
  11. she--you're very pretty and extremely photogenic. I love your hair in the second picture and thought it was a cute bob, but then read that it is pinned up. I think you would look awesome with a longer bob--like the length in the second picture. Your color is beautiful, don't change that!
  12. Good point! Do you have a reference picture? I'm only asking so much because I always get burned with hair color.... even when I go to pro's... for some reason very little colors look great on me :sad: or maybe the style and color just never matched at the same time haha
  13. You know, I call that wavy, not curly... and I love the style on you.