I NEED Hair Help!!!

  1. I have a little longer than shoulder length hair - a few layers. BUT, my hair is so frizzy unless I use my Chi flat iron. I am totally damaging my hair. I use the Chi spray before I use my iron too. My hair has some natural curl to it, so if I add a little moouse/gel when it's wet and let it air dry - it has a bit of a curl to it. But not cute curl. Frizz curl. I'm contemplating a perm with BIG rods. I just don't know what else to do. My other choice is to do like I did before and get it cut shorter so there isn't as much hair to frizz out. I just like being able to wear my ponytails!!! What do you suggest? I have always hated my hair. I tried to darken it at home last night (mistake) and now some parts look REALLY dark, and other parts look a bit lighter. I guess a try to my hair guy is in order. :shrugs:
  2. YES. Get to a salon ASAP. They could deep condition your hair, trim off the dead ends, and color to a nice hue.
    I also recommend Frizz Ease (don't use too much--a little will do), drop a tiny amount in the palms of your hands and smooth into hair, focusing on the ends.
    Don't flat iron any more for a while or you will continue to destroy your hair, and it could start breaking off in random areas (NOT good).
    Get yourself a good hairdryer (there are some expensive but good ones on sephora.com) with a diffuser, and work with what mother nature gave you-- in time your hair will grow back healthier, stronger, and 'happier'! Good luck!
  3. Your hair sounds just like mine: enough curl to frizz but not enough to be curly. The WORST thing on the planet for our hair type is to get a perm. It only makes the frizz worse. You'll have curl for maybe 2 days if you're lucky,then the curl falls out completely.

    The best thing for our sort of hair is to get a longish layered cut. Have the stylist "point cut" or "fracture cut" the ends with scissors, no razors.

    You also need to keep it really well conditioned and spend some cash on a good line of hair care products. I totally love Jonathan Product. He makes a curling serum that's out of this world. I tried the John Freida Frizz Ease serum and it felt like sticky motor oil, ICK! If you don't want to commit to the entire JP line, at the very least, try the curling serum and definitely Dirt. I wasn't sure I wanted to use Dirt, but after I tried it I'm hooked. You only need the smallest bit, like the size of a baby pea. Put it in the palms of your hands, rub them really fast to liquify and stroke sections of your hair in between your palms, then scrunch the curl back into it. The attachment is the only recent pic of me on this computer, but you can see all the nice curl I've got and hardly any frizz. A miracle given how HUMID it was!!
  4. I have the John Frieda stuff and it really doesn't work well with my hair. I have some of the Pro-V stuff and it works just okay. I'm going right now to look up the Jonathan Product. Sounds interesting. I'm going to stop in tomorrow get it trimmed. I know I won't have time to get the color corrected - but maybe she can do a deep conditioning on it. That will help a lot. Thanks for the suggestions. Off to research the JP.
  5. OK - give me a break down on what JP I need. Obviously the Curl Serum and Dirt - what else?

  6. I use both the Moisture shampoo/conditioner and the Volumizing shampoo/conditioner. It depends on what mood my hair is in as to which I use on any given day. I only shampoo every other day, but on the non-shampoo days I still rinse my hair well and hit it with a little conditioner to work out the tangles.

    If you saw his line, you can see there's tons of stuff to pick and choose from. The one thing I have to say upfront is don't be traumatized by the price tags. Everything is super concentrated so you don't need to use much at all!

    After I shampoo/condition (or just condition), I use 2-4 pumps of the curling serum and 1-2 pumps of the Create Smooth. I vary the amount depending on if I'm going to just scrunch it or pull it straight. Next I use around a marble sized blob of the Create Angle gel followed by around a teaspoon or so of the Leave In Glossing Creme. Then I scrunch it with my blowdryer on low heat and low setting. The last thing is that pea-sized bit of Dirt that I mentioned. I've also got the volumizing mousse, the pump hair spray, the aerosol hair spray and have used the create motion gel.

    That's my routine, but I've been using it since July of last year and have tried pretty much all the line and fine tuned it to my weird hair. For you, start with the Add Moisture shampoo/conditioner, the curling serum, you might want to try the create angle (helps make the natural curls more defined) and the Dirt. When I was at music camp (in the photo I posted), that was what I took with me and my hair did super great the whole time.

    Curly hair tends to be dry, so there's where the frizz comes from. The moisture shampoo and alternating shampoo days will help a LOT in bringing out the curl.

    Hmm, just proofed this. I sound like a Jonathan Product salesperson. Maybe he should put me on his payroll!! Seriously I LOVE the stuff!!! I wouldn't carry on so if I didn't.:love:
  7. Start using a deep conditioner and /leave in. Stop using the straight iron for a while. Maybe try styling your hair in a bun or messy bun. Less messingwith your hair you do the better.

    Good luck.
  8. Well I ended up getting the Moisturizing Shampoo/Conditioner, the Curl Serum, the Straight whatever, Dirt, and maybe a couple other things. About $120 worth. So I'll keep you posted. And I'm going to HIDE my straight iron for awhile. Give my hair a chace to re-coop. Thanks again!!!
  9. I hope it does the same wonders for you that its done for me. Stick with it for at least 2-3 weeks before you decide if you like it. The way the shampoo in particular is made, it takes a while for it to get the garbage out of your hair before you'll notice any significant results. I nearly pitched it after a week, but by the end of a week, WOWZER!!:nuts:

    One little thing you need to know about the conditioner: the packaging is really stupid for the consistency of the conditioner: it's nearly impossible to squeeze it through the opening. What I do is stand the bottle on its head. When I need some, I actually unscrew the cap and give it a little squeeze. I get a nice blob about the size of a large grape, which is plenty. Then I rub the blob between my palms to warm up and liquify it a bit. Spreads easier that way. With the rough shape your hair is in right now, you might want to condition daily and try to leave it on your hair for at least 5 minutes for a while.

    They REALLY should put it in a squeeze tube!:shrugs:

    By the by, where'd you order it from?
  10. Who carries the JP Products? Soundslike what I need!:yes:
  11. My personal favorite place to order it is Beauty.com. They have free shipping (sometimes as low as a $25 minimum purchase), great incentive offers and NO TAX (in most states), not to mention REALLY good sample items if you order over $100 (give or take).

    You can also get it at Sephora, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, and Barney's. All of these have it online or in the stores. QVC carries some of his line, but not all of it.
  12. Thanks. I'm going to try it!:yes: