I need H experts help

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I would take

  1. Hermès Kelly 35 Togo Black

    6 vote(s)
  2. Hermès Kelly 32 Vachette Grainee des Ardennes

    12 vote(s)
  1. #1 Apr 5, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2020
    Dear ladies,
    I am planning to buy my first Kelly. The bag will be preowned and I was offered size 35 and size 32. Both bags are black with gold HW. Because I am petite-5,3 I would rather take size 32. After watching many videos on YouTube I know I like Togo leather. I also saw video of beautiful 35 Kelly in Togo. Do you think 35 will be too big on me? I now don’t know which bag to take. Would you please explain the difference between this 2 leathers and tell which one do you prefer and why. Both are retourne. Which one of this 2 leather will older better? Also if you can post some modelling pics with your bigger kellys. Thank you all in advance
  2. There's no telling if a 35 will be too big on you, it's not just an equation of height and weight.

    Since both are the same colour and give the impression of grains and quite hardy go for the size that you know suits you better.
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  3. Thanks for your response. I am trying to find YouTube video of Ardennes leather but it looks like it isn’t so popular like Togo? Or it is discontinued? Also Togo Kelly is 5 years younger, would this be something which would make you to choose this one?
  4. It's discontinued but there are plenty of pics via our reference library or just gooogle

    Date means nothing for a bag. It could have been left in a temperature controlled closet for 10 years or banged about and used everyday for the last 5 months.

    Bags are also a lot like people. Some people are done by the age of 30 and some just get stronger, more beautiful and better with experience.
  5. Definitely do your research and decide what you really want. One thing though, togo 32 may be more expensive on resale vs togo 35 or ardennes 32 so search around and look at resale price. I'm not sure on this but I do think togo and the 32 size are likely more popular so may increase the price.
    If you decide togo 32 is really for you and the potential increased price is within your budget, I say go for a togo 32 and don't settle.
    I find when I settle, I'm generally not happy with the bag and end up needing to rehome for the bag I originally wanted... and that can be a really expensive mistake.
    Best of luck on your quest! Have fun with the journey.
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  6. If I could choose I would go 32 in size but togo leather.
    I have been offered 35 togo and 32 Ardennes...
  7. Any reason you are locked into this one reseller? There are many legit ones. I would not settle for something I didn’t prefer at these prices. There are many Togo K32s struggling to be sold on the market currently and thus you should be able to get a decent deal. I would keep looking...
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  8. I have exchanged some bags with them and afraid of other sites. For this people I know everything is 100% authentic. The Togo 35 is 5800 eur
  9. In my opinion, a K35 is a very large bag. At 5’3” it will likely look like its wearing you, rather than the other way around. Some people love the look, however it does not sound like you are one of them as you’ve plainly said that you’d prefer a 32. And no matter how ‘good the deal’, 5800 eur is still too much for an item you don’t actually want...

    (If these are really the only two options you are willing to consider, and assuming the condition is great for both, I’d go with the 32 over the 35 any day, regardless of these two leather types.)
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  10. I your are locked into this reseller and are not able to wait a bit, I'd go with the size over the skin. so 32 ardennes which i'm told is super hardy....I've never had an ardennes bag so can't provide a direct opinion on the skin. Best of luck and let us know what you decide!
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  11. here they are... now after reading your comments I will really need to think about them, to pass and wait or take as it is a good price

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  12. #12 Apr 5, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2020
    Can you see/try on the bags prior to making a decision?

    Let me be honest...
    I personally bought a K35 in Ardennes leather (I'm 5'7) and after a few weeks I hated the size and the leather. I had only seen this leather in pics and it looked great. No way! It's a pressed leather meaning the grains are not natural. It was Super plastic feeling coated bumpy leather yuk, super HEAVY and waaaaay too big for my needs (my things got lost in the bottom bc it was so much space). I have NO CLUE why I didn't return the bag when I recvd it. Probably just obsessed with the pics of celebs I saw carrying the bag and although I was hesitant, I convinced myself it was great bc of the price. Also, bc at this time, I was not getting offers at the boutique regularly like I do now so I was pretty desperate for a black K GHW. This happened many many years ago and was a $1,000 mistake. The seller I bought it from ended up selling it for me less than a year later. Good riddance. NEVER AGAIN.

    I do LOVE Togo and have many Birkins in togo. luxury!!! But if I were you, I would wait for 32 or SMALLLLLERRRRRR.
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  13. I'm your height, and unless you like BIG, slouchy bags, these sizes might dominate your frame. My sister is about an inch taller and can rock almost anything. But for me personally, I struggled with anything bigger than a 28. It's too expensive a bag to make a mistake so make sure that you've tried on similar-sized bags. Retourne is a bit less intrusive than the sellier which looks like a big briefcase in the larger sizes.
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  14. ardennes is out because of your comment thank you very much
  15. I like big slouchy bag, if you know Balenciaga I love the work size and when I was younger I think I was rocking it...
    But as I am getting older, I started looking smaller bags.
    For example Birkin 25 is really popular but I dont like how the Birkin looks in that size.
    I prefer Birkin 35 over 30...
    But for my frame I think people would think 35 bag is wearing me.
    I really like big Kellys, but I dont know how will they look on me.

    The store is unfortunately in different country