I need gift ideas! About $20 and butterfly themed!

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  1. I just got a promotion within the company and am leaving my building. I wanted to get something for the 3 awesome people that have helped me not go INSANE throughout the past two years of our hellish work existence. I've got the 2 seniors done with Dwight Schrute bobbleheads (The Office) but I'm not sure what to get the third!

    I actually came here to see if I could get some Coach butterfly keychains authenticated, but uh, apparently I missed on on some uh, excitement and that won't be happening.

    So any ideas? I just know she collects butterfly stuff, lol.
  2. A few suggestions for now:

    Butterfly pendant from TiasTreasures


    Butterfly bookmark from Starlightbeads


    together with one of littleputbooks' wonderful pendants made from Scrabble tiles (she's one of my favourite Etsy sellers):


    Or a custom pendant (vintage typewriter keys) from KeysandMemories - choice of two typewriter keys:

  3. What about a butterfly brooch? They look ace with a little cardi!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Very cute items. I may have to do some more browsing on that website myself. I saw some cute stuff, but did not have a chance to really check it out.
  5. First: Congrats on the promotion!!! :smile:

    About the gift: How about a pretty note card set with butterflies on it? IDK...I'm bad with gift-picking myself!