i need focus- what to buy next...

  1. i own: damier saleya mm, mono speedy 25, mono tambourin, mono french wallet, mono small agenda, mono mini pochette. (i like the mono on small things, apparently!)

    my life: casual- jeans, nice sweater, nice/comfy/often leopard shoes, baby. re agent so i do meet w/people (i wear pants in lieu of jeans on those days!)

    i have never even carried my speedy yet. i just needed to have it. :smile:

    my thoughts:

    damier speedy 25, ribera, or belem
    epi passy, jasmin, or speedy 25 in vanilla, red, or black ( i do realize vanilla is only avail. on ebay)
    a luggage piece (ok w/used b/c i won't put a ton of mileage on it)- i like the carry all sandra suggested

    what should be next? i'll carry the saleya for a long while- i live in the boston area and i love that it's safe from elements and low key as far as monogram goes. also, i'm about 5' 1"' tall, and still carrying some babyweight.

    any order suggestions/suggestions in general will be appreciated. thankyou, tpfers!
  2. I think you need something epi! The three styles you mentioned are great but you def. need to try them on to make a final decision IMO...
  3. I think Epi Passy is a very classy bag and it would suit you with your every day life, motherhood and work!! I love it! :smile:
  4. BH! No contest. It's one of the best bags I own.
  5. i did try on the bh- and it was quite comfortable and a nice size. it didn't occur to me to try the epi passy and i was not a fan of the speedy until recently.
  6. I love the Passy... Passy GM if you want to have hands free.
  7. Between Passy GM and BH..You have to try them on...you will know which one the one.
  8. I agree. I always tell people to try it on in the store if they can cause there are so many things that will help you determine which one's the one for you that can only be done in person.:yes:
  9. Batignolles Horizontal for sure!! I work in Real Estate too and it holds offers, agreements, etc. without a problem!!
  10. Love the BH but, it does not close so, if you want a more secure bag try the popincourt haut...I need a shoulder bag and I am torn between the BH and pppincourt...I know what you mean about baby weight...it will come off!!! Why don't you use your speedy? Is it because it is handheld??Good luck!!!
  11. Passy all the way
  12. BH or epi alma....
  13. I like the Passy GM
  14. BH or Damier Speedy
  15. My vote goes to the BH or the Epi Passy GM. :smile: