i need female persepctives on this "article"

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  1. i am a male. i just need realistic feedback on this article.

    best of craigslist : Myths and Truths

    heres the beginning excerpt...

    Myths and Truths
    Date: 2006-04-18, 11:09PM PDT

    Some rants and accumulated experience about women. Men in happy marriages or stable relationships don't need to read this; neither do men who get laid every week (or even every month). The "truth" I'm putting out here is for all of those men who, like me, worship women and can't figure out why they keep getting screwed over and dumped. The myths are things that I used to believe before I wised up.

    MYTH: Women want love and affection. Women want to be treated well. If you treat a woman well, she'll treat you well.

    TRUTH: Young women want whatever other young women want. They're herd creatures. If you lavish a woman with love and affection she'll think you're doing it because nobody else wants you (which may be true) and she'll dump you. In fact, if you do anything that betrays that you're a loser that other women won't touch, she'll dump you. Why? Because she wants to impress her friends with what a great catch she's made, and if she thinks that they wouldn't want you, then she doesn't want you either.

    There are only three exceptions to this rule. The first exception is psychos, otherwise known as "witches, *****es, and crazy ladies." They'll stay with you because nobody else wants them, or because you're the only one who put up with their abuse. The second exception is women who like to "fix men up": those women who like to take "broken" men and turn them into the man they want. These women are single because a mature man will recognize that these women don't want him... they want to turn him into someone else. The third exception is that once in a long time you meet a woman who isn't psycho, still wants to stay with you when she finds out that you're not super stud, and doesn't want to change you into someone else. This is the one you marry.

    BITTER MYTH: Women are out for money.

    TRUTH: Women are out for status and fun or for security, depending upon their age. A few women are out for cold cash, but not too many. Status-seeking women aren't ready to settle down. They just wanna have fun, and they want their girlfriends to know it. They're looking for a guy they can dangle in front of their friends and say, "Look what I got!" You don't have to have money to be that guy, you just have to come across as desirable. Of course if you have money you don't need to do anything else, but having no money isn't the end of the world. The women who are out for security have had their wild fling and want to settle down. They want a guy who can provide a stable base for the future (and that includes finances).
  2. A whole lot of sexist overgeneralizations that seem ignorant and foolish.

    Basically, this article is crap and seems to have been written by a young male who has little real-life experience with women. :smile:
  3. Both truths stated doesn't apply to me. I don't care for what other women want nor do I care for status and fun and whatsoever.
  4. Are you from that BMW forum? Hmmmm........
  5. MYTH: This thread is to have a decent conversation and a "female perspective".

    TRUTH: This thread is actually to get a rise out of us.

  6. ^^ I agree - you are going to have to do better than that!:P
  7. I smell a Sofa.
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