I need Experts Help!

  1. I just bought a fake MJ Stam, and I filed a claim to pp( no reply yet). I called the credit card company, and they said they need some paper being faxed. One of the documents they require is a letter from an expert who says it's fake, and list all the details that indicate the purse is fake. I know lots of you here are experts, but they need the letter with the expert's company letterhead, anyone here knows where I can get help with this? Maybe there's an association that busts counterfeits or something. Thanks a lot.
  2. Really sorry this happened to you, but don't worry, since you paid by credit card and through paypal , you should get your money back. For the paperwork requested by your credit card, have a look at mypoupette.com. They should be able to provide you with the documentation for a very small cost. Good luck!
  3. lizziecat, thanks a lot. I'll look into that.
  4. You can also try Carol Diva. She gets back to you really quick and will only charge you if she can authenticate the bag or tell you it's a fake. She is often used for PayPal claims and can send you something on her letterhead. I've found she's a lot quicker than My Poupette. Her website is www.caroldiva.com. She's awesome, and really nice too!
  5. As well as seeking authenticity from one of the websites shown above, make sure to keep all emails and a printout or picture of the auction with all pictures and description shown. You *may* need it you may not, but it's always good to have there :smile:
  6. Ok, I just got a reply from the seller. She asked me to remove the dispute very nicely, there're few things she said that didn't make sense to me. She insists the bag is authentic, and she said she had a perfect record so she doesn't want the dispute to exist. Then she said she had to close her eBay account and PP acount because of a fraud. But anyways, she wants me to send her the purse back, and she'll give me a refund. It's kinda ridiculous that she sent 4 messages and insisted the purse is authentic, and she said she had the authenticity proven from tPF, which her auction was listed in the eBay auctions to be wary of. Here is the link from eBay
    I hope someone here can give me confirmation of whether it is authentic because I don't want to mistakenly accuse her of having fake bags. Thanks a lot.
  7. I would NOT send the bag bag unless PP tells you to do so. Don't trust her, she may be wanting you to close the dispute because she knows once the dispute is closed, you're out of luck with PP.

    Keep on going with the claim instead.
  8. What ever you do DO NOT CLOSE THE DISPUTE!! Seller new to eBay and already NRU'd?? Doesn't look good at all. Deal with Paypal and stop communicating with seller unless she refunds your money!