i need expert advice, please! 32cm?

  1. hey all! i'd just like to take a second to introduce myself, i'm new to the hermes section, but i've become completely addicted! i'm about to make my 1st kelly purchase, and i need help with sizing. i have to order from the boutique and have it shipped. i'm 5'9", about 120lbs (tall and slender), and i'm wondering if a 32cm might be too big. i'm really torn b/t the 28 and 32 - i've seen all of your fabulous pictures, but i still can't decide. i'd be wearing the bag during the day as well as at night. please help!!
  2. Oh, gosh, this is a tough question!! It's so hard to know! Can you get to a boutique and try them both on for size? I have a 32 and it is indeed a good-sized bag but I like to put my things in the bag without having to arrange them, if that makes sense. I find that with smaller bags I have to sort of load everything in perfectly so it'll fit. With the 32 I have plenty of room and that is important to me.

    The size of the 32 might make one think it is not an evening bag but the elegance of the bag in general I think makes it work for non-formal evenings out with no problem.

    Are you thinking of retourne or sellier?
  3. I think based on your build, if you want the bag to be an all around bag a 32 might be just right for you! The 28cm size is lovely, but just a touch more delicate looking in my opinion.
  4. If you are tall and slender you may want to go for a 32 in retourne or a 28 in sellier.
  5. I am 9 inches shorter than you, and the 32 cm does not overwhelm me at all!!
  6. I'm 5ft7 and 123lbs. My Kelly is a 32cm and it feels just right, I certainly would not go any smaller.
    For a start, I would not be able to fit all the essentials into a 28.
    Have you considered a 35? Might look great on you, especially when wearing a winter coat.
    I do agree with Kallie Girl, best to try them on!
  7. ^Wow, you look great!!!!!
  8. Thank's hello2703, that's very sweet of you! :love:
  9. A 32cm Sellier Kelly would be gorgeous for you!! I always think of Gwyneth Paltrow wearing hers in the movie "The Perfect Murder"...so chic!!

    MaiTai...how beautiful you look!!
  10. I am 5'1" (size 4 or 6) and the 32cm (souple) is perfect on me, especially for everyday wear. I love the size, and it does not overwhelm me at all. I would however choose a 28cm or smaller for evening, but for an everyday- a 32cm has been a dream!
  11. If I were you, I would go with the 32 cm.
  12. I NEED a retourne 32 Kelly. It's a chic practical size for everyday use. I saw a very elegantly dressed woman carrying one and it looked absolutely amazing.
  13. For your height I would say a 32 is perfect for all-round use, get a 28 if you plan on taking it only for, say, formal dinner functions as it looks dainty.
  14. 32cm would be my recommendation for an everyday bag. It would look perfect on you proportionally and hold a TON of stuff.

    If you want something for evening then I might suggest the 28cm Sellier.
  15. I used to be 5'6" but am now probably more like 5'4". I tell NO ONE my weight, but needless to say, it's too much. I have a 32cm sellier kelly and it looks great. I do not load it up as i don't want it to be too heavy, but a 28cm would have been too formal for everyday use. At your height and weight, ad 32cm will be lovely.