I need Enablers!!!

  1. :graucho: I need some lovely PFers to enable me to buy an Azur Speedy 25. There is one available to me at a great price.... I want a summer bag. I really wanted a mini lin speedy in dune, but this Azur Speedy will be cheaper. I love my Azur mini Pochette. Will I love an Azur Speedy? I need convincing!!
  2. I first started with a azur mini accessories pochette, then a cles, then a pochette, and then I got the speedy 25 and I love em all. You will not regret it.
  3. me! Get it! It's soo refreshing, long wait list, if u can get it at great price, DO IT! It's also fun to decorate, i pair up w/either vernis pomme, rouge, epi rouge cles, or Coach Clover charm. Red Trio
  4. I am a little scared of getting it dirty... how's it holding up?
  5. Thanks for the responses btw!
  6. I have the Speedy 30 Azur, fab bag, I say Go for it!
  7. it's been great, no color xfer at all *knock on wood* lol, but i did spray the vachetta w/SM to prevent uneven patina. It's my first speedy after collecting LV for 4 years :love:
  8. Great bag. Yes, you definitely need it. :graucho:
  9. I say go for it! It's so pretty and it's the first time that LV has expanded out of brown! (Aside from LE's)
  10. It is a great summer bag, so versatile and so fun to dress up with scarfs and cles!!!
  11. GET ITTTT! i have the azur speedy 30 and i :heart: mine...im a little scared of getting mine dirty too..but its still worth having because its gorgeous
  12. doooooooooo ittttttttttttt, mwahahahaha.

    Did that help? Azur Speedy 25 is gorgeous, even more so IRL!!
  13. I have the 25 and LOVE IT! I'm surprised at how much I use it and how much it goes with. If you can get a deal on one, snatch it up!
  14. get it get it get it!!!:yahoo:
  15. it's a fabulous bag!!! get it!!!