1. Tonight I was supposed to go see this Southern Gospel music quartet that I love with Isaac, this guy I like. (You may remember me talking about him.)

    Anyway, something came up at the last minute and he couldn't come.....

    Let me back up.

    Last Sunday his Mom was a little low and someone asked her what a wrong and she said "I can't talk about it."

    Then he cancels and says it was a "Family thing." tonight at like 10:17 he texts me and says he's sorry, but that "if you can I'd like to talk."

    What's happening here? Surely to God his Dad isn't leaving our church again? He's exactly where he's supposed to be, I know it! What's happening? I feel horrible! I'm so scared!!
  2. How does his Dad leaving the church effect you?
  3. Why don't you call him and find out what he has to say?
  4. if you care about him and he wants/needs to talk to you, you should call him.
  5. im sori.. i don't get what exactly is the problem?
  6. *scratches heaD*

    i don't get it either.

    sometimes people just have emergencies that comes up. in this case the date was important but definitely not life-threatening, and he seems to have a good reason if it's a family emergency

    plus he's willing to share! in my experience most guys don't give the reason, or like to, unless they know that the girl would be upset...or they think she'd be upset.


    that just means they care more, b/c they want you to understand and not hurt your feelings.

    so i wouldn't worry..so much.
  7. just call him and listen to what he has to say. sometimes our minds can wander and make something out of nothing..lol..but seriously i hope everything and works out.
  8. His dad leaving our church effects me, and everyone else, because he is our pastor and he's just not supposed to leave yet. I tried calling him, but he's not picking up his phone. You don't think something is wrong with his Mom do you? Oh god I hope not.

    I'm worried. I am really really worried.

    'if you can, I'd like to talk." That's either one of two things...1, he's gonna tell me to leave him alone/that he wants to date me (could go either way) or 2, something bad has happened in his family.

    I love his family so much and nothing bad should happen to them.
  9. You will never know unless you reach out to him, even if you just call and listen. They are most likely going thru a really tough sensitive time right know. Sometimes decisions are made that can't be understood by others. We can reach out and listen and offer to help. Sometimes our help may be rejected, but as long as we have tried to help those dear to us. You are very worried, and care, but something is holding you back and keeps you from reaching out. Only you will know why, just like you will conclude when will be the right time to reach out. We can all share and make suggestions, but deep down you will know what you really want and should or should not do. I hope i am making sense here.
  10. MissyBaby, have you been in contact with Isaac? It's so easy to jump to conclusions when we don't have much information. I hope things aren't as bad as you were imagining.
  11. Let him know you are there for him, even if all you can do is listen and sympathize. If he's not answering his phone, leave a message on the machine, send an email, if no other choices are available, leave one of those hokey "Thinking of You" cards on his front porch or mailbox.

    It sounds like his family is going through a difficult time, and he would naturally like to be able to talk things over with someone he feels close to, and that would be you.

    You should go ahead and accept the fact that it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to solve the problem, actually extremely unlikely that either you or he will be able to do anything at all about it, whatever it is. Parents are going to do what parents are going to do, and they don't always make the right decisions, and they can be counted on to make decisions that you don't like, whether right or wrong.

    Give him love and support, prayers and hugs is about all you can do for him, and there is nothing that he will need more.
  12. Call him you won't know the deal until you hear it with your own two ears.