I need dramatic weight loss

  1. I know the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat healthy and excersize, I also know myself and need to see some results to stay motavated. I'm thinking of weight watchers, south beach or just a detox program. Someone share some results please. I need something to get me started. I have gained a lot of weight this summer and feel sick a bout it. My bags dont even fit anymore.
  2. Well a detox program will not lead you to losing weight... it merely rids water weight and some impurities, but typically you are not eating. This really does not work for any long term weight loss, nor will it stay off typically either.

    there are quite a few threads on WW and SouthB... look into some of those! There is great info
  3. ^^^ Agreed. Do look into WW or South Beach. They're both good programs. Also bear in mind that "dramatic" weight loss is not necessarily safe or healthy weight loss. It's also not necessarily permanent weight loss. Safe, healthy weight loss that is permanent is generally a slow process. It took me almost 2 years to lose my weight, and now it's going to take the rest of my life to keep it off.
  4. My suggestion is to consult with a nutrionist or a registered dietician. I did that a few years ago and have been grateful ever since for the advice I received.

    Weight Watchers is another good choice. I don't know anything about the South Beach diet, other than I have heard that people have enjoyed success with it.

    Walking is another great way to help lose pounds. The only equipment required is a pair of shoes and off you go!
  5. Thanks Ladies, and armcandy My hero!!! I have been researching alot of programs and weight whatchers seems to be a good one. I just hate that my clothes dnt fit , ahhhhhhhhhh. sucks
  6. Slow & steady wins the race. :yes:You need to change your lifestyle or you'll be like me losing the weight again after a couple of years.:yucky:
  7. WW and South Beach both will help you transition from losing moderately to maintenance. They are pretty sensible. There should be threads if you search here or elsewhere online.

    Good luck!
  8. I am a huge Weight Watchers fan!!!

    On their points program I lost 50 lbs without feeling deprived at all :tup:

    During my marriage I gained quite a bit of weight and quit my gym membership. When I went to the Dr and she weighed me in at 184 lbs I truly didn't believe it. When she offered me PhenFen, I knew it was serious. And that I would never take it.

    Within 6 months I had lost the weight, reinstated my gym membership and another year later was down to less than 20% body fat.

    That was in 1999 and I have not only kept it off but continued beyond that. I am trying to shed the last 10 lbs now.

    Good luck :flowers:
  9. Good luck, I know the feeling. I put on loads of weight when got married and had kids. Kids just started school this week and reality hit me.
    Just joined WW on-line. Going to be a long tough journey but a least I have taken the first step.
    If you need a on-line friend, just PM me!!