i NEED Dooney opinions STAT!

  1. ok i neeeeeeeed to buy something else, and i'm looking @ Dooney.com. help.

    so far, this is what has jumped out at me, but anything is possible tonight, i told myself i would buy 2 Dooney and Bourke pieces tonight, and thats exactly what i plan on doing.

    so hot... in multi i think, or if anyone else likes something better speak up...


    delish! what color do you like?


    very classy, again with the color?


    see here's the fun part. i'm looing for either a keyfob to go with my newly purchased purse that most of you have already seen, for those who have not i'll throw the pic up as an attachment again...

    OR a wristlet to bring in the seasason. something flap. tell me what you like! i'm keeping my budget under 50 dollars. :p thats the challenge lol!

    GIMME ADVICE! i want to know what you all think!

    www.dooney.com is where it's at: wristlets, which are in the Accessories section, and keyfobs and such can be found in the Gifts under $100 section! (MAYBE a wallet but i'm not sure... I'm still looking TOO!)

    someone may very well be choosing the next purchase i make, and i'm making it TONIGHT!

    i'm doing this because the color on my monitor is kinda messed up, and i need some spontenaity in my life. i want someone who has great taste to give me a little. i'm a new collector and i'd like my collection to be fun and beautiful!

    *puts purse over arm and wedges it comfortabley under arm* delicious. mmm. i love this thing.

  2. :heart: Love your 1st two choices listed.
  3. I would get a wristlet. I think it would be more useful than a keyfob. It just seems like a better buy.

  4. i would :heart: you forever if you'd tell me which wristlet you'd prefer!
  5. Pink, lavender, or sky blue wristlet. Just my two cents for what it is worth. Thanks for the link I see Dooney has some new stuff out.
  6. if i were to get the mini bubble flap wristlet i'd get it in lavender then, thank you for your suggestion it's being HEAVILY considered. anyone else have a differen't or similar opinion???

    i figure lavender would be a desired color if i were ever to sell it, as "grape" "plum" "purple" "lavender" "Orchid" are mostly colors people decide to keep because they're not used as much... I LOVE that.

    anyone else? i'd love to have a discussion on this... i'm having a HELL of a time choosing something lol i want everything >< :hysteric:
  7. The wristlet is cute. I personally love the bumble bee collection they have.
  8. I think I like the mini dot wristlet in lavender the best. Pink is also cute.
  9. The mini dot wristlet in lavender is sooooo cute! I think you should get that one! :smile:

    Me, I have a soft spot for the bees. :smile:
  10. I like the mini bubble wristlet in pink. I like the mini bubbles, the logo isn't as in your face as other logo bags, kwim? I think it's cute!
  11. i'd def. get the wristlet as opposed to the keychains. i like the multi or the cream colorings the best.