I need convincing... please

  1. Hi girls,

    I've been drooling over the Marc Jacobs Leather Stam Bag.

    It looks to-die-for, but being a Balenciaga girl myself, I am not accustomed to Marc Jacobs bags!

    Nor have I seen one in real life!

    I need some advice on weather or not this bag will be for me... and who best to ask then my fellow PF'ers in the Marc Jacobs threads!

    I really I love the look of this bag because it is classy, yet edgy at the same time, so it really suits my style.

    My questions are:

    * What is the leather like? Is it smooshy and soft or stiffer?

    * Is it practical? (roomy and easy to carry)

    * What is the difference in size and practicaility of the stam and the east-west stam?

    Any comments or suggestions will be much appreciated!

    Thanking you in advance!

    - Jo -
  2. Hi! Welcome to the MJ forum. Stams are great, but it does take some getting use to if you're a bbag girl... Stams are much heavier than bbags, and currently, the leather is stiffer these days. There's some structure to the bag, so it's not slouchy or as smooshy as a bbag.

    Practicality depends on the carrier... some girls love using it everyday, some don't. I guess the only difference in terms of handles is the chain of the stam. Removing the chain makes the bag much lighter. Some girls can fit the leather handles over their shoulders.

    I think your best bet is to visit a dept store and give the bag a test drive. I think you'll know right away if this bag is for you after that. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your valued reply...

    It would be great to try one on... just not too sure where I would find MJ in Melbourne, Australia!!

    I've emailed MJ, so hopefully they get back to me!
  4. ^ agree with everything thithi said - i could see you not loving the leather of the stam if you're a b-bag fan...the leather on stam is very different. it's a great style, though - i love it. you should def. try it on in person before deciding....though you could always order one from somewhere like NAP (do they deliver to australia?), so you could return if you don't like it.
  5. I would order the bag and try it out too
  6. Yes, NAP do deliver to Australia.

    So you can return a bag if you dont like it? Thats pretty cool.
  7. yep - with NAP, they put a special tag on the bag so that you can only return it with that tag attached (the same kind of thing they do on formal gowns at dept stores). so, you're only out the cost of shipping....much better than being stuck with a bag you don't love.
  8. I have the east-west stam in icy taupe. I checked out both the east-west and the regular stam. I am small (about 5 foot), and I believe that the east-west is better for a smaller person. It is still big, and the chain is heavy.
  9. Yep, I'm 5 foot too

    Bigger bags dont bother me, I like them bigger - even though I'm quite short!

    I was looking at the east-west, and it doesnt do it for me as much as the regular stam does!

    Hmmm... what to do
  10. I think you should try it yourself if you can- it is always easier to try it on and play around with it to know if you really love it :yes: It is a beautiful bag!
  11. NAP is a great idea! Losing out on shipping is worth if it means helping you decide if this bag is for you. Which color would you consider, black? I think the original stam is the better style of the two... more classic IMO.
  12. Definately black... white is too accident prone for me (I'm a bit of a clutz)

    So yeah, I would definately go black.

    I think black and gold go really well together too...
  13. I have the East-West Stam in black and I love it. I don't know if they're still available, though. They may have been discontinued. Nevertheless, I don't think you would ever be disappointed with a Stam, whatever the style. They are well-made, and eye-catching. I carry a lot of stuff in mine. As for the leather, it's fairly "structured", not at all smooshy, but it definately is of high quality. I don't have any Balenciagia bags unfortunately, but I do have lots of LVs, a Mui Mui and a Chloe as well as several MJs. Hands down, I get the most compliments on my MJs.
  14. Since you are a Balenciaga girl who's concerned with Stam's weigh, you should definitely check out threads in Balenciaga Forum. You can find many feed feedbacks there, MJ bags are generally too heavy for fans of Balenciaga's bags.


    The best is to try it out yourself and see whether it works for you. Good luck.

  15. The stam is definitely way heavy! The leather is also much more structured and stiff than a bbag. However, they're both awesome, just super different. NAP is a great idea! Let us know what you decide!