I need convincing/help...

  1. Up until today I was all set on saving up for a white MC Speedy. But now I've started thinking about the Dentelle Speedy. My dilemma is that my parents have somewhat of a say with what I do with my disposable income, so I can't get both back to back right away. Though I could probably swing both within 5 months time (with at least 2 months between purchases), will I be too late for the Dentelle if I do decide to get the MC first?

    Those of you with Dentelle Speedies, what do you like about them? Is it a bag that will still be fashionable/head turning after this year?
  2. I would prefer the MC speedy, because I think they are becoming a classic line. I don't know about the dentelle.
  3. yeah I like MC speedy too!
  4. I would get Dentelle first, and then MC.
  5. I agree with John, MC Speedy isn't going anywhere. Go for the Dentelle first. You may regret passing it up then it might be too late to purchase in the store.
  6. Click the attachment :smile:
  7. :yes: ITA with michelle and john.
  8. LOL, Gayle! :heart:

    Caley...I'm indifferent about the Dentelle line...so if you really want it, go for it first and pick up the MC speedy later. Parents and their restrictions :yucky: I try not to even listen to mine! Haha :p
  9. although my thoughts of dentelle are squimish... I'd still go with dentelle

    multicolore's been around forever..........
  10. LOL Gayle, i :heart: you!!!

    thanks for all your advice, everyone. i think i'm having dentelle regret since i passed up the pochette wallet. i'm wondering if i should just get the ludlow....but the speedy is soooo nice!
  11. Gayle, you are funny. I need some bags to talk to me too....

    Caley, just something to think about...there are only a few stores in Hawaii and no one will ship here, so if you may want one get it cuz once they're gone from here, they're gone. You can always re-sell if you change your mind. At this time MC will be around for awhile.

    I think I just made up my mind...gonna get that Fuschia Speedy now and the Hampstead later...
  12. If you really want a dentelle speedy, I'd get one ASAP. I don't think it'll stick around as long as perfo- and you can always get the MC Speedy later.
  13. If you are already changing your mind about the Dentelle, then get the MC Speedy.

  14. rileygirl, so true. plus i'll have the 14 day period to see if i really like it too. i'm just a little sad/embarassed after the BH. the reason i thought about it is because when i went to return my BH i saw it sitting pretty at wailea. and i guess its safe to assume that a dentelle speedy is just as rare as an mc speedy here on maui.

    and yay for the fuschia neo!!! i'm off and on about the regular denim neo at this point.

    couturecreature - initially i wanted the dentelle BH but the price just wasn't right at the time. so i switched to the pochette wallet. but since i needed one for everyday use the dentelle was out. so i have liked dentelle for a while, and seeing all these pictures from pf'ers.....is soo enabling lol.
  15. Gayle, you always make me laugh. :lol: