I need color advice for Clarisse GM

  1. I've just come back from H, where I decided to get a Clarisse GM; there was one in Bleu Saphir chevre, and my SA found two more in other stores, one is Raisin and the other Vert Amande, these are chevre aswell.

    Considering that I have a Turquoise Bearn and a cherry red (not H) agenda, which of the 3 above mentioned colors would go best with what I have ??? I don't have any preference since all 3 colors are lovely..... Please help me!!!! :sos:
  2. Vert Amande...

    Although...what color do you like best?
  3. Duna, any of the colors would be a lovely addition to your rainbow of accessories. Do any of the colors grab at ya??!!
  4. i think any would do - - i personally would do bleu saphir, just beacuse i love that color......good luck!
  5. Try to imagine your three colors together, which one will make you most happy? By the way...... there are other colors available too (try NYC too).
  6. I would eliminate the Blue Saphir as an option because it's in the same general blue color family as your Turquoise Bearn.

    Between the Raisin and Vert Amande, go with which one "spoke" to you more when you first saw it. For me, it would probably be the Vert - since Raisin Chevre is somewhat darker and might tend to disappear into the bottom of your darker bags.
  7. All three sound really pretty..but I'd choose, Vert Amande (rare color)...then the Bleu Saphir...unfortunately I've never been a fan of Raisin.
    Hermes pushed Raisin so much in 2002-2003.
  8. For myself, I'd probably choose the raisin, but agree with style101 about it being hard to find in your bag. So if that's an issue, I'd take the blue!
  9. Another vote for vert amande. I think it would complement your other accessories. Can you take them in with you and see what they look like all together with each of the 3 Clarisse colors?