I NEED Coach sandals...

  1. I need Coach Sandals but none of the ones out right now tickle my fancy. :girlsigh: I am pretty picky about what I like, no brass hardware only nickel/silver. I guess I have to wait until the new catalog comes out...and see if they have anything I like then...:crybaby:
  2. There are these... i didn't have time to take a pic of their flat sandals as well, but here are their wedge sandals...
  3. I'm sorry you feel that way! I WISH I could say the same :cursing:
  4. I am looking at the lyndsey's but they are flip flops.. totally my style though! :tup:
  5. Feel the same! I love the Sweetie Wedge, but I'm only 15 so it's like...when am I gonna have a chance to wear wedges, KWIM?

    I'm more looking for a pair of cute flats and I LOVED the Margot ones on the website, but I tried them on IRL and they are just not my style. Plus they pinched... :push: And none of the other pairs are catching my eye. -sigh- Guess my wallet's happy about that, though!
  6. What do they look like? Could anyone tell me the # and colors of these? I just copied
    this from someone else thread. I dont have a copy of the new catalog yet. I am going to go to the store sometime this week thanx

  7. 78789444_o.jpg
  8. These are in the new catalogue that I just received when I bought my Sherrie Sandals. I don't believe they're in the store yet but you can pre-order them. I LOVE the red.
  9. are those coming out anytime soon?
  10. i can't remember when they come out... it states in the catalog... i thought it said march or april, i don't have the catalog handy right now... anyone that can verify when the Gracyn Wedges come out? :p

  11. OMG, those are so cute! I love the red and blue/turquiose ones!
  12. I love the red ones also I wondering is this vermillion more orange than red? does anyone know?
  13. :drool: I love the gold ones!
  14. I love these!! I guess I'll be stalking eBay now, lol!