I NEED Classic flap Jumbo and Reissue 226-227 PICTURES URGENTLY

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  1. Hi guys,
    I am planning to get a flap both classic jumbo in caviar leather and reissue before the price increase in Turkey in March!
    I am on waiting list for caviar jumbo but could'nt decide the size of reissue
    226 or 227
    I think 226 is smaller than jumbo, 227 is bigger

    Jumbo is my size, i don't want smaller because i carry a lot. But i am also afraid that 227 might be too big. I'm 157 cm and 58 kg i think equal to 5'2 and 128 lbs

    I need pictures of jumbo and 226 side by side AND jumbo and 227 side by side

    Thanks for your comments!
  2. IMHO-you will get most use and doesn't look that big from 227 size:smile:
  3. jumbo and 227 similar in size - the jumbo is wider but it could be due to the double flap :smile:
  4. Thanks for your comments.