I need CL help!

  1. Please help me..

    My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I want to get a pair of CL's. I want them to be black leather, not patent though.

    I will be wearing them to work and to dinner's.

    Can you ladies help me pick the perfect first pair?

    I'm leaning torwards the rounder toe, but I don't know the name..

    Please help!

  2. [​IMG] I have this in black leather (not patent). Simple Pumps. Very comfortable. Ideal for the office. Looks good with everything and anything. They have this at Barneys

    [​IMG] Decollete 868. I have this in patent. Not the most comfortable heels but very sexy. Looks good with anything and everything also. They have this in regular black leather too (jazz). (photo from eBay). They have this at Saks.
  3. I'm right there w/ya!! I have just purchased my first 2 pairs of CL and I decided on the black leather Simple pump at Barney's and the Brown suede Decolette. I ordered 1/2 larger for both (I wanna wear them preggers). I'll let you know how they feel.

    Both Barney's and Saks have free shipping promo's now... although, you said they would be for your birthday...
  4. Is the simple pump the same as the 85 simple pump?
  5. yep
  6. Simple pumps fit TTs, they will stretch out after 1 or 2 wearings.
  7. I've seen the regular leather simple pump in black at Saks in Las Vegas in San Francisco and Nordstoms in San Francisco. I'd say the simple pump fits your needs.
  8. Definitely the simple pumps...they are classic.
  9. I just got a pair of black leather bruges with black wood heel and I love them. They are 100 mm with about a 20 mm platform so it's super easy to walk in...I think they look great with my suits and with dresses. I got mine at Neimans. I know they weren't online but LavenderIce was the one who told me to check in-store...I know NM Atlanta has them. Good luck!
  10. TXGAGIRL, sorry just saw your sizing question on the Bruges, but it seems you got it all figured out anyways. :smile:

    To the OP, you can also get the simple pump in black leather from the CL Horatio Street boutique (I did last week). Plus, no tax assuming you don't live in New York! :smile:
  11. Yep...got it all figured out...when you spend that much on shoes you want to make sure you have the correct fit....once those puppies go outside and hit the pavement...it's all over. :yes: