I NEED Chanel sunnies

  1. SO, I really really want to buy a pair of Chanel sunnies. I love the mother of pearl, it fits great, but I will NOT buy it because everyone at my daughter's school (and the mall) wears it. So, I noticed there is a newer"cut-out" design that's nearly identical to the MOP.

    I already have a pair of Chanel sunnies with metal sides, so I want a plastic pair now.

    any suggestions?
  2. Well...I just ordered and returned the recent pair shown in a NM catalog, it was a pair with silver leather quilted temples ( arms). They fit wonderfully, but didn't look like $510.00 sunglasses...in the ad they were stunning, but IRL they didn't impress me...felt too light too. Maybe I am getting a bit too picky about shelling out large sums of cash of sunglasses....good luck finding the perfect pair....:supacool:
  3. i have the brown plastic ones with the camillia black flowers on the sides. love them and got many compliments on them. style no. is 5113. what i especially love about them is there is no screaming chanel logo, just a small settle one......
  4. i tried the sunnies with the leather... wasn't excited about it, like the MOP better, but again... not going that route.
    I'm going to check out the camiillia black flowers one...
  5. okay, the flowers are really really cute... but do they have a logo anywhere? or is the design just flowers? (sorry, I'm obviously not "in-the-know" about this stuff)
  6. yeah the logo is black as well and it's quite small
  7. if you do a search in the reference library under accessories i think someone posted it there
  8. I have the Chanel sunnies with the quilted leather arms in beige and loooovvve them. IMO they are classy. Not so trendy like some of the other styles.
  9. Wow I am shocked to hear that the MOP are so trendy. I have them and have yet to see them on anyone else in my hometown. I did see some wear them in the NYC, but I can tell those were the imposters. I love the MOP. I think they are so classy.

    I like these as well:
  10. i have the camellia ones in black and i LOVE them to death!
  11. what are these called
  12. those are 6014
  13. are these available at bloomingdales
  14. Yes, I bought my brown 6014 sunnies at Bloomingdales in New Jersey. Can't remember if it is in Paramus or Short Hills.
  15. how much are they, are they $350?