I need cat help again!!! He's a biter!!!

  1. So, I've had this cat about 6 weeks now. He is driving me nuts!!!!

    First, I found out I was allergic to cats. Great. OK, no problem. I got allergy medicine and I'm coping with it.

    Next his pee stinks to high heaven. OK, no problem. I got him fixed and hosed him down a few times. Now he smells nice and sweet.

    Then his poop starts stinkin' up the joint. No sweat. I put him on his special fancy boy food and now the house smells fresh and clean again.

    OK, things are going fine and then all of a sudden Mr. Fancypants decides his scratching post is not up to snuff. His Royal Highness wants to scratch on my sofa now. My beautiful, gorgeous lovely sofa that cost me a freaking mint!!!! :cursing: Grrr... I'm starting to get a little steamed now but whatever. So I go back to the store and get him a different scratching post. His Highness is pleased.

    So now his new thing is he just randomly bites me. Like I'll be sitting at my desk. He just sidles over purring all friendly like. Then for NO reason at all he just randomly bites me. Sometimes, he'll just sit there and, out of nowhere, grab my arm and start gnawing on it like I'm a hambone on something. It doesn't hurt or anything but I'm all scratched up. Not pretty in a bikini kwim.

    I read in my cat book that when he stalks me and attacks my legs it means he needs to play. He gets about an hour of serious cat aerobics every day. He chases his laser toy up and down the stairs and we play with his feather-on-a-string too. But I have no idea what to do about the random biting for no reason. It's almost as if it's a sign of affection or something. Does anyone know how to stop it?

    Damn him for being so cute and furry and snuggly and cuddly. I can't even get mad at him cause he's little face is so cuuuute.
  2. I know how you feel. I can't say for certain because I've heard several answers from different people including vets, plus my own theories. If this is a male he probably is doing this because he thinks he's dominant. If I explain in detail It'll take too long, but basically you should not tolerate it.

    My vet said that many males bite for no reason, sometimes its as simple as they just don't want to be petted so much, even though they were purring right before. Sometimes they think they're boss and I don't know why but going up the stairs sets them off (like hey don't go there, its my territory). That doesn't make sense to me..but I don't know what else to think. My first cat was a spoiled sweetheart that loved my attention but after we came back from a vacation everything changed. He became psycho and nothing would stop him. The only thing that somewhat helped was talking to him in a baby voice that was soothing when he was about to get to that weird biting mood. Scolding him and showing him I was boss did NOT help.What finally put him in his place was getting another cat. It seems my cat suffers from anxiety and paranoia, acts tough but isn't really, just a response to being afraid. My doctor said I could try antidepressants.

    Just a theory but maybe spoiling him so much to where he couldn't be without me, and then leaving him for a month and going on vacation made him go crazy. He is better now but never went back to being the adorable sweetheart that he used to be. I love him dearly and try my hardest to make him feel at ease, it pains me to see him *suffer*.

    Sorry I don't know if all that confused you more or gave you an idea. Talk to your vet or maybe contact a pet trainer if it gets to be too much of a problem.
  3. Kneehighz, thanks for the advice. I will ask his vet about it. Also, I didn't even think about the territorial aspect. He kind of thinks he is the boss of the house.
    LOL I probably should take him to the cat psychiatrist for some antidepressants. He's nuts.
  4. Tom cats can be like that...my most favorite-ist cat I ever ever ever had was a tom cat that was just flat vile to people... But I just let him be who he was and that was that. My sis-in-law has a tom that will let you pet him for about 2 seconds and then he tries to bite you.

    I have never really sat and pondered why this may be...I just let the tom cat be at tom cat haha

  5. Is he a kitten? Usually, kittens bite because they are teething and it feels good to their teeth. And for your sofa's sake...I'd buy a cat nail trimmer and have someone hold him for you while you trim both front and back paws. And I'd buy a ''no scratch'' anti scratching spray..it's non toxic so it's ok to use on furniture and walls..where cats like to scratch.
  6. Sorry about your kitty troubles!! I have just two minor suggestions. One is that putting double-sided tape on the areas of your couch where the cat is prone to scratch will immediately stop the scratching. Cats hate the stickiness! You won't have to leave it on forever, just for awhile. I would test it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure that the tape won't damage the fabric, but double stick tape will reallly cut down on scratching anywhere.

    My cat was a biter too when I first got her from the pound, it really freaked me out! I talked to the vet, she told me to do two things: bop the cat on the nose with your finger when it bites, enough to get it's attention but not enough to hurt it, and then push it out of range and ignore it. Say "no" firmly as well. My cat stopped biting after only a day of this. She learned that biting meant that I wouldn't give her any attention or pet her. Granted, you have a tom (fixed at least), so you might have a trickier time, but I would try it. A cat who bites is simply trying to get your attention in an annoying way, deny the cat attention and he should stop.
  7. Our boy cat used to chase our feet and bite at our ankles when he was really young. We used the bop gently on the nose, ignore routine and it worked half the time. He finally just grew out of it.
    I've heard they bite because they would bite/play with a sibling, and once they decide you're family -- well it just doesn't matter that you don't have fur and whiskers.

  8. uuugh i have no advice but i just had to say i :heart: this explanation!
  9. We had one cat. He started biting and scratching. So we got another cat. Problem solved.
  10. ^^:sad:
  11. Um, we have TWO cats now. He was lonely.
  12. Oh LOL! ^^ Sanguar I didn't mean it in a mean way sorry if it came out like that! I'm glad you got another one, the more the merrier! Getting more cats made my kitty better too, he doesn't *like* them but he's calmer and less lonely. Rarely goes psycho now, don't know if it was due to adding more cats or what..but its all good.

  13. Yeah, I don't understand the people who find something they don't like about a pet and just 'trade it in'. My mother's cat needs attention. (My mother is a whole nother story!!) She told me that maybe she'd just find it a new home. I was like :wtf::wtf:. Um, how about you just give her some attention. She was trying to give me the cat. I have two cats and two dogs and a baby on the way. Yes, bring her on over. :rolleyes: I was so annoyed.

    It sounds like the OP has done EVERYTHING to ensure that the pet is happy and loved. I don't know what else to suggest but a 'friend' for the cat. You don't live anywhere close to KY do you? You can stop by my mother's house and pick up her lovely, sweet cat.
  14. Don't tempt me! I can't go to animal shelters or pet stores because I feel like taking everyone home! Yeah I feel angry thinking about people who do that^^. Once I went to a shelter and there was a 1 year old female kitty who was brought in because her owners only kept kittens and since they become adults at 1 she was too old:cursing: I was SO mad :mad:.. Anyway, didn't mean to go off topic but thinking of that I did wonder what you meant but I'm not one to jump to conclusions so I didn't think anything bad, just misunderstood :upsidedown: so la miss..whatever you do, don't give your baby up! I wish you luck in taking care of him, hope he stops biting soon:heart:
  15. You guys are so sweet to give me your suggestions. I really appreciate it. He has gotten a lot better with the scratching. Thank goodness! I tried the tap on the nose and I think it might be working. When I do it he stops immediately. But I guess he has a short memory cause a few minutes later he'll just bite me again. LOL. I'm going to keep doing the tap on the nose thing. It shouldn't take too long for him to learn because he is a really smart cat.

    Sanguar I don't live anywhere near KY. I hope you find a good home for the kitty. That's so sad about you mom's cat.

    I agree with both you and kneehigz. Pets are not accessories they are living beings. Right now, my SO wants to get rid of the cat. The reason is because of my allergies, I think we should have the cleaning lady come every week instead of every two weeks. Also I suggested vacuuming every day and we could alternate days. But he doesn't want to pay more money for the cleaning lady and he sometimes doesn't get home until 9pm and doesn't want to have to vacuum after a hard day's work. So he thinks the only solution is to give the cat to his mom. I just don't get that mentality. I'm not going to just give my cat away!