I need blush asap help!!!!

  1. I am running low on my blush that honestly ive had forever and i couldnt tell you where i got it...but when i purchased it i got 2 because i loved it so much and this was like 4 years ago :sad:

    in the winter i am pale i dont tan and the only thing i use on my face is blush....so i am looking for a nice blush. i dont really like any thing thats too much like a bronzer because it starts to look orange on my face. i want something natural that looks like i want out in the sun or almost like wind burned but not to red!!!!

    any suggestions would be great....i want to go to sephora but i kinda want a game plan of what to look for before i go in there because they have WAY TOOO much suff in there!!!!!

  2. anyone?!!?
  3. I assume when you say are pale and don't want to look orange, that you are likely Caucasian or Asian. Do you have pink or green-ish undertones? If you have pink undertones to your skin, what about a peachy-pink that is not too dark or a rose pink?

    For a rose, what about a color like this:


    For pinky-peach, what about this in the color shown or Stylist:


    If you like sparkly pink-peach, some people love Nars Orgasm. I've never tried it, b/c I like bronzer/blush duos and my skin has a bit of an olive tint to it.

  4. thanks!! they are acutally a little light for me...i need something with a little bit more color as i am caucasion. as for my face i dont know if im more pinkish or greenish....maybe slightly olive toned skin but i mean slightly...and maybe slightly pinkish haha!!!

    what kind do you use...?!!
  5. I've been using two things- a blush/bronze duo that I can't remember the color names on, but I recently got a blush duo from Stila called Sugarloaf that is really close to it.

    This Stila set is close to the Clinique colors: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P146237&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=3865

    Oh, here is an eBay auction in another language that shows the Stila color that I have:

  6. thanks i like them both!!!!

    im gonna have to go to sephora and try stuff on and see what looks good on my skin!
  7. I can not recommend a color without actually seeing your skin but my favorite blush is Nars - I have it in multiple colors & I love it. It never irritates my skin & doesn't have a cosmetic smell or any smell (a pet peeve of mine)
  8. Nars blush is great... I use their Orgasm color.
  9. Believe it or not, I love Neutrogena blush. The one I like comes in a little compact and the blush is pressed into a checkerboard pattern. I get it at CVS. I've had really pricey stuff too, but for me and my super pale skin, it works great.
  10. I would also recommend Nars Orgasm. If you are looking for a more pink hue, try Benefit Dandelion.
  11. Try out Nars Orgasm and see how that works for you.

    I was using some bronzers and blushes from Mac until I switched over to Nars. I find their peachy pink color is perfect.
  12. lol i was gonna reccomend nars orgasm but i see other TPFers beat me to it
  13. you can't go wrong w/ nars orgasm... it is great on practically every skin tone and wins the sephora and allure awards every year.
  14. thanks so much everyone!!! and it wont break my skin out...some blushes ive tried made me break out...
  15. NARS orgasm! Best blush I have ever used..it looks natural on almost every skin tone and it didn't clog my pores like some blushes did to me.