I NEED Black Flats!

  1. I have realized lately that I have let my job affect my dress! As a nanny I get to wear sweats and sneakers all week. I used to wear my "big girl clothes" and heels on weekends but no more. I found myself out at a nice bar last night in a cute sack sweater, dark wide leg cuff jeans, and SNEAKERS. I have to draw the line somewhere and need to ease back in. I think I wear the sneakers so often because theyre dark gray and black so they always match when I look for black flats. I then discovered that in a bucket of 100 pairs of shoes I do not own black flats!

    I need something cute that wont get lost under my wide leg jeans - I do NOT do skinny jeans.


    MUST be $100 or less!
    No fur, suede, or prints.
    I love hardware but I dont want to look like a biker!
    FLATS people. Not a small heel. NO HEEL.
    These do not need to be designer, they do need to be wearable, versatile, and comfortable to an extent.
    I am sick to death of ballet flats but could be persueded for a very cute pair.

    Any thoughts?
  2. uhm..... cole hann has some flats you might want to take a look at.

    they are currently doing a sale so you should be able to get some for under 100
  3. I would try Cole Haan's on sale or J. Crew flats on sale. You can also get new past season J. Crew flats on eBay and they are all really cute and great quality.
  4. I second J.Crew flats!! :smile:
  5. I got some authentic coach flats off eBay once for like 70 bucks. Right now Coach has the jilly for 58 dlls only and you can get them trought JAX calling 1 800 444 3611 they are very cute.
  6. These:
    $55.95-Baby Phat via Zappos.com

  7. Wow, I was just going to recommend these too! My sister (who has terrible feet, and can't walk unless shoes are running shoes-caliber) swears that these are the most comfortable ballet flats ever. :tup: