I need black bag advice!!

  1. I'm looking for a nice, small black bag for when I have to dress up (mainly holidays). Usually, I wind up wearing black so I know a handbag in that color will be the most beneficial. I'm looking for something that's not too fancy because I'd really like it for everyday use. I'm VERY picky when it comes to bags and I really can't spend much.

    Right now I'm looking at the Signature Demi Pouch but I'm not sure how it would look on me (I don't want something that's really small). Does anybody else have suggestions?
  2. The legacy flap is really small and classic. Or a black Carly demi or pouch.
  3. I just bought a Carly demi in khaki so I want to go with a different style. Thank you for your advice though!!
  4. There are quite a few bags that would work for you. If you go to the Coach website and type "black bag" into the search it will bring up every bag that comes in that color. Why don't you pick out a few and ask the Coach Fashionistas what they think? :smile:
  5. Great idea! I'll do that and report back ASAP!
  6. Okay here are a few that I like

    Signature Clip Hobo
    Signature Demi Pouch
    Pebbled Leather Shoulder Tote (are these large or are they relatively small?)
    Legacy Signature Shoulder Zip
  7. all good choices :biggrin:

    there is an option "try this on" that shows how the size of the bag will work with your height try that :smile:
  8. The Pebbled Shoulder Tote is quite big for a bag to take out during the evenings. I have a Signature Shoulder Tote I use for work and I can pack lots of stuff in it and my lunch! So it is really big!

    I think of all your choices, you should go with the Legacy Signature Shoulder Zip. It can go from day to night. I seen many ladies carry it at work and I see it going out as well.

    Hope my input helps! :smile:
  9. Shoulder totes are fairly large and somewhat casual. More of a great every day bag.

    I just saw a black satin bag with a rhinestone buckle at Marshalls. It was originally $298, at Marshalls it was $149. I didn't look at the number or name on the tag.

    I just bought the bag below in black signature at the outlet for $79.99...my beautiful daughter and I are going to see Legally Blonde on Broadway in June and I am going to carry it then! I love it...you can carry it for a night out or just to grab a couple of items and go.

  10. OK...here are my thoughts

    The pebbled leather shoulder tote is on the larger size. I don't think that is what you have in mind. The Signature demi pouch is very small. I just bought a demi pouch for my neice-had it in my hands on Saturday-it might be too small. My favorite choice you gave is the Legacy Signature Shoulder Zip. It has great looking hardware and it's a practical size. It's the kind of bag you can definitely wear "dressy" but it also would work when you are dressed casually.

    I know it's hard to tell how big a bag is when looking at photos online. When I am looking for a bag in a certain size I tend to have a bag or two next to me while I am on computer. I also have a ruler or tape measure handy. Then I look at the dimensions in the description and I campare it to what is in front of me. This really helps me get a feel for what the bag will be like. :lecture: I hope I am not getting too "preachy". Just trying to pass along some things that help me!
  11. I use a Legacy Shoulder Zip as an every day bag and personally, I think it would be a tad too big to use as an evening-only bag. I think the Legacy Flap would be a great evening bag - it's small but it holds quite a bit. I use the Legacy Flap as an every day bag, too, and can fit a french purse, palm pilot, cell phone and cosmetic case in it. So, here are my ideas:




    Here is the E/W in black on eBay:
  12. hmm you're in a pickle haha. My favorite would be the Legacy Shoulder Flap, but it's pricey and I know you said that you didn't want to spend a lot.
  13. Oops, I kind of missed that, too. I guess with that being said I'd definitely go for the Legacy Flap or Legacy Shoulder Zip. I think you could easily get away with using either of them as both evening and every day bags.
  14. I have the signature stripe black demi and it's a beautiful bag that works well for work during the day or going out at night, and you can really fit more into it than you think! I'd recommend it all day long!