I need Birkin advice

  1. I wanted to enquire about the birkin...Im 5'4 and I dont know what size to get...Id like to not have something overpower me...should I go for a 30' 32' or 35' birkin?
    Secondly Im ordering a black togo with palladium hardware and I wanted a red birkin too...should I get the red in Clemence or a togo? and which red...initailly I wanted a rouge H but in pics it looks brown...Id love a bright blood red...can anyone help me out with some advice...It would be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you.
  2. I am 5'3" and carry a 35 comfortably. I tried on 30's and it is more of a handbag look versus tote. I will eventually get one or two 30s but they are lower on my list.

    I would suggest the black first and red second. Both Clemence and Togo are wonderful leathers. I prefer Togo to Clemence for its firmness and sheen, but both weigh about the same on the new ones.

    Congratulations on your order!
  3. Ditto to Gazoo's comments; I'm 5'3" as well and carry mostly 35s and prefer Togo for a practical daily bag. I have 30s for days when I want a lighter bag, although I think proportionally, the 35 looks better on me. Many people are often surprised at how small the 30cm is when they first receive it, even though it does hold a lot.

    As for reds, there's a very recent thread with photos of Rouge Garance and Rouge VIF that you may want to check out--it's here:
  4. Added advice...I would say buy your black bag in a 35 and then maybe your red in a 30. It will give you versatility and the red will pop more on the smaller bag giving a little illusion that it is larger than it really is.
  5. ^ I am 5'5" and that's exactly what I have done, Kellybag. My Black Box is 35 while my Rouge H Clemence is 30.
  6. I think it depends on the life you lead. 35s are perfect for work (can fit EVERYTHING you need--shoes, laptop, newspapers, etc), but I find I don't use mine outside of work--they're big, heavy, and a little unwieldy for day to day use. 30s are probably too small for work, but perfect for weekends, shopping, etc. I agree that you should get the 35 in black and the 30 in red.
  7. I Totally Agree;)
  8. I'm 5'3" and I can only deal with a 30cm. I am so awkward with a 35cm.
  9. OMG you girls are fabulous :smile:
    I never thought of the red in 30 thats really great advice and the black is perfect in 35 I can pull that off...I checked the thread on Garance versus VIF Im a little confused :S Youve all seen them in real life...whats more of a bright blood red please?
    Again thank you all x
  10. Blood red? Vermillion, or Rouge Vif. are both BRIGHT red :graucho:
  11. Another 5'3" who prefers 35cm and Togo leather.
    I totally agree with getting the Black in 35cm and Red in 30cm although I'd like to add that I find Red to be ever so slightly more intense/saturated in Clemence leather than Togo.

    Also I find I see more Blue undertones in Rouge Garance whereas Rouge Vif is the True RED red to me.
  12. Totally agree!

  13. Great advice! I'm 5'3" and around a size 2ish...although after 40, I think I may be creeping up to a 4...OK, I digress...
    I think at our size we can comfortable do a 30 or 35. I have a 35 togo in black and a 30 clemence in rouge garrance. Perfect!
  14. Do you wear heels or are you in flats more?

    If you're a heels type of girl then I would say you can rock a 35cm

    If you're in flats more then I would say 30cm

    32 cm is a Hac size. I am assuming you want a birkin and not a Hac?
  15. Thank you so much fabulous advice :smile: xxxxxx
    Rockerchic would you mind posting pics of you modelling please?