I need big fat wallet recomendations

  1. hehe. Seriously though, I'm looking for a nice wallet that can hold my checkbook and register, lots of receipts and stuff. Preferably a couple of hundred bucks or under. Thanks!:p
  2. Derek Alexander makes nice 'wallets' like this - they come with a shoulder and/or hand strap - very roomy, like a mini purse. You can look at one here at eBags; I have this particular style but haven't used it in a while since I went back to carrying a handbag that holds all the things I used to stuff in my wallet... I liked to carry a small handbag with the capability to just pull my wallet out and go shopping (so it had to have a strap - kinda like a purse on a string or something). This is under $100...
  3. I got mine at Wilsons Leather! Its one of the carryall clutches and has room for my checkbookS (I have two), as well as pretty much everything I freaking own. Mine has two ziparounds and I don't see the one I own on there but I think it weighs almost 5lbs and cost me like $30
  4. I would get a "zip around" checkbook size wallet... leather is usually a strong choice. LV zippy is a good choice and prada leather is a good choice as well (and you can usually find them on sale at sites like Amazon).
  5. I have no suggestions but just wanted to say I LOVE that wallet with the rulers print!! So cute.
  6. I LOVE the MahJong one! I'm going to order it! I play MahJong about once a month with some girlfriends!
  7. Tusk has some nice wallets. I believe they have checkbook clutches. I wasn't looking for those, so I am not sure, go have a look. Prices seem very reasonable for the quality (leather-lined, etc). I bought one from them recently, and am happy with it..
  8. KatsBags, I hope you'll love the wallet when you receive it. Would wearing this bracelet on Mahjong night be a little too matchy-matchy? :smile:



  9. That's a little too "chunky" for me but I might order that for Val, one of the girls. She loves jewelry like that!

    Thanks for the idea! I'm going to order it after we return from vacation. Is this your website?
  10. Is this my website? Not at all, I just love Etsy (it has about 30,000 sellers on it, from memory). I don't have a creative bone in my body so content myself with admiring the awesome creative talent out there. IMHO indie designers rock! :smile:
  11. I love Etsy, too! I think it's a hidden treasure! I've purchased a cloth tote, a beaded eyeglasses holder, a beaded ID chain for a co-worker, and just recently a leather pouch with a snap, in the shape of a modified diamond, about 5" in diameter, made out of kangaroo skin dyed blue. It sounds odd but it's beautiful - it's coming from Australia and I'll post a pic of it when it gets here. I love handcrafted stuff!
  12. lauravt, apologies for hijacking your thread.

    indiaink, great to find another Etsy fan on here! Look forward to seeing your pics. My favourite Etsy purchase just arrived in Singapore today - this acrylic miniature painting from a wonderful lady in Alabama:



    I'll be buying more mini paintings from her, for sure.

    Some of the other items that I love are a messenger from seabreezestudio, yet another messenger from lalaland, a Scrabble pendant from littleputbooks, a pair of dichroic earrings from infusionglassworks (wore it once, my ears reacted badly to it but after receiving advice from one of the kind tpfers on here, I hope to be able to wear it again) and this pair of earrings (not yet worn) from Kathrynriechert, one of Etsy's finest, IMHO.


  13. Passerby, thanks for the delights - I've added Majo to my Etsy Favorites.

    My Kangaroo pouch is coming from Callatya - the beaded work from Maggie - and the tote bag was from Pamelaquilts. Callatya has more leather items, very cool, I'd post a photo here but you're right, we've hijacked the thread....:rolleyes: Although - you might look to Etsy and someone like Callatya for a fat wallet - most definitely...