I need bag recomendations.. help!!!

  1. i got the medium diamond stitch tote in white. Its pretty , but I dont love it. very boxy and stiff. The Chanel boutique didnt buy the large tote so I cant exchange it for that . No stores have the large . I dont know what to do , should I keep this bag or exchange it, but for what ??? I like the soft and chain in beige. What other bags can you recomend that arent to small, no flaps please:smile: .I hate returning anything and never do, thats why I have a closet full of things I havent ever used.Can you even return to Chanel?? This was sent to me .Please give me some ideas . THanks everyone
  2. Everyone that has gotten the beige soft and chain has returned it because it's so delicate. If you really want a white bag, why not go for the perfo? It's a new shape and the white is so fresh looking.
  3. If you don't love it, DO NOT keep it.
    If you need something bigger, check out the Grand Shopping Totes or the Cotton Club Tote.
  4. I like the gst and the expandable bag alot . I have to see if they can order the bag for me. I love the white baby cabas but never had the chance to get it. I could cry , seriously. That bag is my dream bag .