I need at least 1 black bag...which one?!

  1. :confused1: Out of all my beautiful purses I have no black ones (OK, none that I love!)
    I would really welcome any suggestions....not too much hardware, not shiny, good size (I've got lots of stuff) not a long shoulder strap..but still able to put on shoulder...good inside pockets and at least one outside one.
    I am all ears (I guess eyes, in this case!!)...thanks!!
  2. How about a Balenciaga black twiggy or city?! Be & D Crawford hobo?...no outside pocket though. A Hogan tote?
    (2) Balenciaga Twiggy Bag - 1055.JPG (1) Balenciaga City Bag - 1195.JPG (34) Be & D Deerskin Crawford Hobo - 995.JPG (39) Hogan Leather Tote - 975.JPG
  3. i would say a balenciaga city! i loved this bag a lot! very high quality but not screaming designer, very low key...
  4. Francesco Biasia Country Dancing tote zappos.jpg
  5. Anothervote for black balenciaga city - love it!
  6. desired price range?
  7. I love the Hogan tote pursemama posted.
  8. What about an Anna Corinna city tote? They come in 2 sizes.
  9. Chanel reissue/ cabas/ tote........anything Chanel in black ....
    a6_1.jpg reissue.jpg grande2.jpg
  10. I have a Balenciaga Black City and love it!
  11. Thank you all so much! I have a number to check out and we all know that the search is a big part of the fun!!
    to: Swanky Mamma.....I am pretty fortunate in that I could go as high as $1500 or so, if I love it.
    I mentioned this before, but, I am so happy to find other people that love purses as much as I do.....I feel far less self-conscious now :smile:
  12. BBag orChanel!
  13. Chanel's Classic Flap is in your price range, it's less expensive than Chanel's Reissue. Both are beautiful bags.

    ETA: I just re-read your post, you are looking for a good-size bag with pockets & compartments; both don't meet your needs. How about Marc Jacobs' Blake?
  14. I love my Gryson "Olivia" bag. i have it in black and military!
  15. Ya can't go wrong with Chanel.