i need an opinion

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  1. so i bought the reissue camera bag, black medium size, when it went on sale a few months ago but i was also able to snag a red caviar gst before the prices went, no classic flap though :sad:

    i can only keep one, so since its too late to return the camera, should i sell it and keep the red gst or should i just return the red gst and keep the camera bag?
  2. Sounds like these are not bags that you truly love. Better to sell and return them and put the money toward a classic flap if that is what you really want. No point settling on bags on sale.
  3. no, i didnt mean to come off as not loving either one, i meant that i love them equally, and with the price increase, i will not be getting a classic flap, i feel too bad paying more, when a month ago, i would've paid a few hundred less.

    i want to keep one, just which one?
  4. I like the camera more so I would perhaps return the GST.
  5. Camera is one of my fav bags at this time,I wear it almost every day! So my vote goes to camera :biggrin: And U can wear it evening and day time,and cross body and classic shoulder style!
  6. In that case, I wd keep the camera bag n return the gst.
  7. Keep the camera bag because it's black and that style is more versatile, can really be worn anytime. A GST is more of a casual everyday bag to me.
  8. I love my camera case! Would never buy gst bc don't particularly like style. So pretty clear where I stand:smile: good luck
  9. Have you used the camera bag? If not and you were lucky enough to purchase it at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, you can return it, so that shouldn't be a problem. I love the GST especially in red, so I am biased, but I would hold onto the red bag and return the camera bag.
  10. Nope bought it at saks so I can't return it
  11. I would keep the camera
  12. I have both the camera and GST. Really enjoy them both but I think I might like the camera a small bit more because it is not as heavy as the GST. However, the GST is a more structured bag and the camera does slouch with wear.

    So, consider these things too when making your choice - slouchy vs. structured; light vs. kind of heavy. Good Luck with your decision!
  13. I have both but I prefer the camera. It's easy to carry and very light.