i need an opinion on a few things, ladies! * pics too :D *

  1. okay, first off, so happy i'm going to new york city on saturday :biggrin: :yahoo: second off, my eBay auction on a juicy bag i don't want anymore just jumped $100 so i have MORE to spend!! SO...

    1. my parents will be going to see jersey boys while lucky me gets to walk around fifth avenue for fun and shop (behind their backs, hehe) so should i carry silver miroir pochette, black mc audra, or white mc trouville? i most likely will be wearing a long black twill bebe coat with black sunglasses. (of course certain bags for permitting weather...)

    2. since i now have more money to spend, if i can find it, should i get an azur cles for my azur speedy 25? right now i have this charm on it:


    should i take my charm off and replace it with a cles? i'm just wondering how much i would really use it...

    also, i don't know if i should get regular damier mini pochette (to match the damier sporty when i get it) or azur mini pochette? or possibly perle ludlow since i don't know how much longer it is going to be around, or mc pochette mm (half moon cles)? or even regular azur pochette? i think i am going to buy sunglasses too (not LV) -- should i nix the sunglasses and get a regular pochette and a mini pochette? ahh, so many possibilities!

    TIA to everyone for their opinions :biggrin:
  2. Ok, I would wear the silver miroir pochette with black clothes. Black is sooo in right now! And don't replace your charm on the speedy with the azur cles. I happen to love the charm you have on there, as of now! It's so pretty! Good luck on your shopping venture!
  3. thank you :biggrin: i was thinking the silver miroir myself.
  4. the mirror line is all the rage in NY! wear the mirror pochette!! i think ya should buy a cles to match your speedy!!
  5. Miroir definitely... and yes a cles would adorable on your Speedy.
  6. haha okay there is a unanimous decision to wear the miroir pochette so miroir it is :biggrin: i think i will bring my pomme envelope pouch then to replace my regular wallet since it won't fit in pochette. hmm, still wondering about the cles though. i would like to be able to bring my speedy so that i could have my zipper pull heatstamped and so i could try the cles on it but i think i will wait to ask before i haul it all around and they say they can't have it back to me before my trip (keepall and azur speedy coming on cruise in two weeks :biggrin:)
  7. Yeah the miroir. You would look so stylish!
  8. Yeah I think you should get a Cles too.
  9. Like what everyone else said, you should wear your Miroir Pochette!

    As for the Cles, I think that charm you have on your Speedy is fine. I have the Azur Cles, but I don't like how it looks on my Azur Speedy as a charm.
  10. But will the miroir pochette be big enough for you ? (not sure what you will be carrying while walking around the city)

    I DO love the Azur cles (have one too). You should get it but I wouldn't put it on the Azur speedy (too much Azur) Keep that charm on- it looks cute !

    And if you can, get an Azur Pochette too......why not ???
  11. Miroir has grown on me a lot lately, especially with black, I would go with that!

    I like the charm on your azur!
  12. I say ludlow and nix the glasses if you already have a fair amount and get either a pochette or mini pochette. You sound already doubtful of your usage of the cles, so I'd suggest the above. Have fun!!
  13. Miroir def and I would get the pearle ludlow. Also, keep the charm on your speedy- looks cute!
  14. I'd wear the silver miroir pochette since it just came out not too long ago!! It's so cute!
  15. Miroir +1!!! The material will be great for both sunny and raining days!! Have fun in NYC!