I Need An Intervention

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  1. I am fairly new to LV. I bought my first LV bag this summer which was the Mini Lin Speedy. Now it's not even the end of the year and I already have two more LV bags under my belt. One is Mono Reporter bag and the other is the Epi Saint Jacques. I don't want to buy any more bags but they are just so pretty and good investment pieces. I need someone to talk some sense into me...lol
  2. Hah...this is not the place for that! We are enablers here!...and they ARE pretty and great investment pieces...and they make you HAPPY which is most important! YAY FOR LV BAGS!
  3. Cant help you....I need the same over here.....:P

    At least feel better that you are not alone......and you would think that as you collect more...you will be more satisfied.......the cravings get worse with each bag.....:sweatdrop:

    I really think that they make LVs with some kind of addicting chemical..... :yes:
  4. A shopaholic like me can't help you much here. As long as you can afford it and you love them, I would buy them.
  5. agreed! lol buy them :yes: then you will have a whole LV collection!
  6. No sense here!
  7. haha i think the same things happens to everyone here .....

    go for it :smile:

    (not really helping, am i???)
  8. buying lv is like eating pringles...once you pop you cant stop :roflmfao:
  9. Agreed that LV is totally addictive! You have some fantastic bags there.

    When I feel like I want more and more bags, I take a step back and see if the desire for more is making me not appreciate what I have. LV shouldn't be bringing stress to our lives. It should be making us happy! :yahoo:
  10. :graucho: You came to the wrong place sweetie! We will be happy to drool over your pieces though :drool:

    3 is a good starting point! :wlae:
  11. It's ok, I got 3 bags in one year too, uncluding accessories... Shopping for LV is very healthy! Like you said, they're good investments!
  12. This is not the place to ask for someone to help you STOP!
    Maybe if you go to a forum with all male members, maybe that'll help, but like ilikepenguins said, we're all ENABLERS!
  13. Muh ha ha ha.... :devil::devil::devil:
  14. sorry I can't help u either. I've had an LV for a week. But it's the Mini Lin Speedy too... maybe it's the bag....lol

  15. Oh, three bags in a year is not much... come back if you buy six or more.