I need an everyday bag for MAN....help me

  1. Hi guys, I need some suggestion for men everyday bag, Which one do you prefer? The carryall is very pretty IMO, but is it functional, will that be too big for everyday? I currently thinking about something from taiga or damier geant, but i love damier and utah too.....

    i dont know, I just need some opinion, I have no idea what kind of bag would fits a 22 years old guy's need.

    My budget would be around $1000...more or less a bit is fine.

    thanks a lot.

    I need to get one~~~~~~
  2. If it's taiga, the Viktor. If it's damier geant, the Messager in earth. I think a young guy of 22 would prefer the damier geant material. Of course, there's also the Naviglio in either damier or damier azur.
  3. Our editor carries the damier geant- it's striking!
  4. Thank you so much, so do you think guys would prefer the shoulder bag? or the messenger style?
  5. i love the messenger styles in the Taiga.. It's low key but very suave IMO
  6. Azur Naviglio!!!!!!! i just reallly love this bag, its hott!
  7. Damier Geant messenger. :yes: With a special hard compartement for laptops.
  8. I have a Bosphore messenger that I either strap across my body, or carry on the shoulder with strap shortened. It doesnt have to be an either or thing.

    Personally though, I like bags that I carry in my hands because shoulder straps are bad on the back. :smile:
  9. personally, i would say damier melville is top of my pick within the messenger style.if u want to go for something bigger like a small luggage, i would say damier vaslav or damier geant albatros/belier. hope this helps:smile:
  10. My bf loves Damier Bastille, Broadway, Azur Naviglio & Damier/Mono Keepall 45 with strap.
  11. My Bf has the Olav Pm it's small but great for keys, wallet phone etc. I guess it kinda depends on how much stuff he's likely to carry
  12. My suggestions:

    Bosphore Messenger GM
    Abbesses Messenger
    Damier Geant Messager
    Damier Melville Messenger
  13. I bought Damier Geant Loup in black, it's great bag but not structured. My favourite mans bags now are Utah messenger, soana sac plat and tobago she bag but they are over 1000$
  14. i'd recommend the Damier Geant Compagnon. will this be his first? i think its best if you let him pick one for himself :yes:
  15. I say Damier Melville!!!