I need an Epi suggestion

  1. I've been dying for the Epi Speedy in Red (not sure about the 25 or 30 though) and I just think that a handheld might be difficult to carry since I always have my toddler with me. I really want something from the Epi line (I already have the Damier Parioli) and not sure what else I should consider. I love the bucket but already have a Coach in red and black in that style, plus I'm concerned about the open top, or is that not that much of an issue. What else should I look into...the Noe, Segur...??? Any other opinions?

    Oh and I won't be making this purchase til November (if that) so I guess I have plenty of time to ponder
  2. i like the Segur MM :yes:. i did think of getting it once. but you may find the S-lock a bit of a chore:


    how about the Saint-Jacques? that's shaped like the Mono Babylone, and it's a shoulder bag:


    the Croisette PM would also be a good shoulder bag:
  3. How about the Epi Passy GM?

  4. I have a black petit noe that I really like, it's very comfortable on the shoulder, roomy etc. Only trouble I have with it is that small things tend to get a little lost in it, lol. I really wish it had a pocket or two.
  5. I really like the unique shape of the Mandara- it comes in three sizes that cost either $915, $1,300 or $1,590 and I've never seen one on a person before:
  6. What about that Epi bag that looks like a boat? I love that bag, but can't remember the name for the life of me.
  7. I think the Passy is my favorite besides the speedy.
  8. I have the pm in the mandarin color, and get compliments all the time! It's easy to use and has a snap closure, fits nicely under your arm and is adjustable. I'd definitely recommend it!
  9. I think that's called the dhanura or something like that. It's handheld but comes with a long strap.
  10. yep, it's called the Dhanura and is supposed to be shaped like a yoga posistion- I think the largest one (now discontiued, I believe) included a yoga mat. The MM below ($1,440) is still pretty large at 18" x 6.5" x 6.8"
    and the PM ($1,140) 13"x 6" x 4"
  11. Speedy bags can also be purchased with shoulder straps. There is also a really chic diaper bag in monogarm mini. If you need one and if your not tied to Epi. But Passy woull also be a good choice. I don't think dhanura big enough for a mom and I'm not fond of St. Jacque.
  12. I think the strap takes away from the beauty of the Speedy. It might just be me but I think it looks odd.

    The Passy is simply beautiful!
    There really isn't much choices in the Epi line for shoulder bags except for the ones suggested above.
  13. I also like the lussac. The size and shape are similar to the mono babylone.

    Also, if you watch ebay for an epi noe, you can get one of the older styles that had a pocket inside.
  14. My favorite epi bag is the Passy, but if you want a little more casual, I'd go for the noe. Since they switched the speedy to the soft Epi, it gets wrinkles or creases along the zipper after awhile if you're not careful!
  15. Passi GM and Segur MM are the only shoulder bags from Epi that I find very attractive..